Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. The Benefits Of Late-Stage Customization For Orphan Drug Manufacturing

    Almac explains how, through the use of the Hapa BlisterJet printer, they are able to maximize the stock flexibility of their clients’ valuable orphan drug products, meaning they can distribute product more efficiently between different European countries.

  2. Multi-Agitator High Shear Mixing System Assists In CMC Dispersions For Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

    Conventional agitators are unable to create the fluid circulation necessary to properly disperse 4%+ powdered CMC dispersions. The consequence of insufficient agitation is the formation of non-dispersed lumps of CMC that may never be dispersed into the viscous bulk. The Ross VersaMix, a versatile multi-agitator mixing system, has the high-shear mixing capability and the flow generating capability to disperse and mix high percentage CMC dispersions.

  3. Reducing Cost within Advanced Therapy Clinical Trials

    The challenge for advanced therapy companies is that they need to develop a supply chain that delivers their therapy, at scale, without adding significantly to the cost of goods sold (COGS). In this case study, we’ll demonstrate how a company saw 55% cost savings across its distribution system, and increased visibility of its supply chain through meaningful data through partnering with Fisher BioServices and Fisher Clinical Services.

  4. Pfizer Installs Feeding Systems For Continuous Manufacturing Operations

    Compact arrangement of pharmaceutical feeders supplied by Coperion K-Tron accurately deliver ingredients into the continuous mixing process, thereby guaranteeing consistent and very high quality end products.

  5. Development Of Qualified Cold Chain Solution For Vaccine Transport To Uganda

    Maintaining the cold chain is a challenge when handling biologics such as vaccines, particularly when the clinic is in a remote location. Learn more about how Fisher Bioservices developed a qualified cold chain solution to transport Ebola vaccines to Uganda.

  6. InnovaGel Gains Quick Return On Investment

    InnovaGel, a manufacturer of vitamins and supplements in the nutraceutical and OTC market, was in need of solution for its soft gelatin encapsulation machine application.

  7. Modular Bioprocessing Alleviates Drug Manufacturing Woes

    Building a bioprocessing facility is usually a complicated process and requires partnering with not only drug developers, but also many different experts in various industries. BeiGene, a commercial-stage biotechnology company, can attest to these challenges.

  8. Verifying Vacuum Maintenance While Preserving The Product Sample

    Vacuum in finished sterile product containers is critical for certain pharmaceutical formulations to ensure proper reconstitution before administration to the patient, or to prevent interactions between the formulation and headspace gas. A loss of vacuum can be a clear indicator of a container closure integrity defect or an issue with the original sealing process. Using a LIGHTHOUSE headspace analysis platform for non-destructive headspace pressure determination verifies the maintenance of vacuum while preserving the product sample.

  9. Distributed Biobanking: An End To End Solution For FFPE Tissue Block Management

    From a historical perspective, there are millions of FFPE tissue blocks in storage and in use today. Most storage process work well for small numbers of samples, but is quickly overrun when thousands of blocks begin to accumulate. A new end to end system has been developed and implemented in several locations worldwide to address the issues encountered with FFPE block storage, retrieval and restocking.

  10. Minimizing Errors And Saving Time In Drug Receipt Processes

    The speed-accuracy trade-off is a well-known phenomenon in psychology for processes requiring human input: the faster you go, the more likely it is that errors will be introduced into the system. This presents a major challenge for complex supply chains that demand both efficiency and accuracy. This case study shows the steps Fisher Bioservices took to improve efficiency and accuracy to combat the complexities of the drug receipt process.