Application Notes & Case Studies

  1. Developing Oral Dosage Forms: An Approach For Faster Path To Market

    How an agnostic and data-driven approach early on can optimize the development pathway to bring the molecule to the market faster.

  2. Heart Monitor Maker Never Misses A Beat with Digital Manufacturing

    Braemar manufactures, both under its own name and as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for other companies, a variety of heart monitoring devices: digital Holter monitors, wireless event recorders, looping memory programmable monitors, and more. These devices use electrodes attached to the patient’s body to pick up impulses generated by the heart. The devices record these impulses while the patient goes about his or her daily activities and upload the recorded information to centralized medical systems at regular intervals.

  3. Digital Manufacturing Helps Medtech Company Revolutionize Surgical Stapler

    Modern science has allowed surgeons to fix the human body amazingly fast, yet leave behind only small traces where repairs were performed. One of the more commonly used methods to achieve this is by a minimally invasive technique called laparoscopic surgery, where small incisions are made into a patient’s skin, a laparoscope is inserted to provide a magnified view of the patient’s organs, the procedure is performed, and the incision is closed by stitching or surgical staples. You can have your gallbladder removed before breakfast and be binge-watching Netflix from the comfort of your couch by dinner.

  4. Vital Protection Of Blood Products Saves Lives During Air Ambulance Trial

    Emergency response team found a solution for the challenge of ensuring blood plasma was stored and transported at the correct temperature so it remained intact and could effectively stop bleeding.

  5. Discovering The Right Support For Lost Reusable Shippers

    One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the world needed to ship temperature-controlled products to all regions of the world, including North America and Asia.

  6. Cost-Effective Solution For Sterile Antibiotic Powder Filling Of Al- Kegs

    This supplier worked with customer to develop the most efficient and reliable solution that ensured a reliable and safe pharmaceutical process for the operators while the kegs were filled.

  7. Specific Surface Area Measurement Of Intact Lyophilized Cakes

    As physical characterization of pharmaceuticals becomes more of a focus, analytical techniques must be able to provide data that is representative of the materials being analyzed.

  8. Handwashing Vs. Mechanical Cleaning Of Laboratory Glassware

    A comparison of the EPA Trace Metal Analysis test was performed using duplicate sets of glassware. One set was acid washed by hand and the other was cleaned in the Miele Model PG8593 Flex Series Labwasher. 

  9. Demonstrate Compliance With Pharma Industry Leachability Requirements

    Details of the research and results that has allowed a pharmaceutical serialization company and CMO to confidently conclude that there is no ink migration of inks through the walls of the HDPE bottles.

  10. Self-Contained Ventilated Work Enclosures Minimize Contamination

    A chemical industry company working to provide emission control technology for the natural environment sources a containment solution for its automotive business.