• Patient-Centricity: The Importance Of Human Factors In The Pandemic Era

    Discover how patient-centricity is at the heart of drug delivery device design and innovation and how the global pandemic has highlighted the importance of patient-centric development in this field.

  • Cold And Ultra-Cold Vial Helium Leak Testing

    A global pharmaceutical entity was comparing vials for helium leak testing services. Learn about the results obtained from collecting and tabulating helium leak rate data along with the solution.

  • A Fill Finish Manufacturing Partner With Resources, Solutions, And Agility

    We offer a unique range of formulation and aseptic filling in vials, prefilled syringes, or cartridges to address production needs that span from small early stage clinical products to larger scale commercial products.

  • SP Hull LyoStar BI I/L Filler

    The SP Hull LyoStar BI I/L Filler is a research and development filling/stoppering/capping machine ideally suited for streamlining small scale filling operations. This is the ideal solution when time is critical for efficient and consistent filling and stoppering to emulate the filling process in a production environment.

  • GENiSYS C: Automated Aseptic Processing Of Liquid Pharmaceutical Products

    The 4th generation GENiSYS C is an advanced yet compact solution for automated aseptic processing of liquid pharmaceutical products, with many features typically reserved for large scale filling lines. Learn more in our latest video.


  • Ascendia’s team of scientists have decades of combined experience in sterile supplies for clinical trials, making them expert at solving the most difficult formulation challenges. In short, we consistently make the challenge task in biological delivery possible.

  • After conducting extensive research on the chemical performance of the glass vial inner surface and the glass forming process parameters, Stevanato Group added SG LDP Vials to its portfolio. These containers are specifically designed to minimize the formation of surface inhomogeneities.

  • The pharmaceutical industry has steadily moved to increased production and handling of sterile highly potent active ingredients (HPAPIs). Dec’s containment technologies comply with pharmaceutical quality manufacturing standards and are available for aseptic operations.

  • Used 57" Applied Containment Engineering isolator, stainless steel construction, approximately 57" wide x 19" deep x 32" high chamber, singled sided, (3) glove ports, with integrated Mettler Toledo scale with digital readout, 9.5" diameter side pass thru, provision for back mounted drum dump feed on legs, serial# C2261/A/001/06, built 2006.

  • The Allegro Connect Bulk Fill System is an automated filtration and filling system designed to accurately and aseptically aliquot bulk product into multiple biocontainer bags or bottles.