• NuAire In-VitroCell™ ES Model NU-5820 CO2 Incubator

    The In-VitroCell ES NU-5820 Microbiological CO2 Incubator features relative humidity (RH) control for cell lines prone to desiccation by utilizing a sensor that measures humidity in the chamber and injects 99.99% HEPA filtered vapor into the growth chamber to maintain setpoint.

  • GENiSYS Lab Vial Sealing System

    AST's Vial Sealing System (VSS) is a benchtop, semi-automatic machine used for sealing or capping pharmaceutical vials and bottles with aluminum caps. The VSS provides complete and precise control of the container sealing or capping operations to ensure the highest quality vial seal. The system’s versatility allows for the processing of a wide range of vial or bottle sizes and finishes and is ideal for small batch processing of sterile pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.

  • CleanFlow – Clean Air Workstations

    The CleanFlow is a unidirectional, positive pressure, laminar air flow workstation.

  • Used Bausch Stroebel Syringe Filling System: SFM 5110

    Used Bausch & Stroebel pre fill syringe filling line, consisting of; Bausch & Stroebel denester, model SET 8090, serial# 53617 Bausch & Stroebel syringe filler, model SFM 5110, (5) head, with capper, control panel and vision inspection system, serial# 53610 Bausch & Stroebel plunger rod inserter, model ESS1001, rotary operation with hopper and reject, serial# 53562 Bossar Sealer, model BMK-2000S/PMP1, with manuals, 480 volts, with bar sealer, vision system, touchscreen controls, and reject, serial# 30077, unit built 2007 Newman Labeler, model NVS2, rotary operation, with label printer, visual inspection system, and reject, 110 volts, with controls, serial# 04105, unit built 2004 Videojet laser coder, with associated parts, Line built 2006 and delivered 2008, equipment is in excellent condition.

  • Sterile Fill/Finish Capabilities

    AbbVie’s aseptic fill/finish vial line supports lyophilization for potent and biologics along with liquid fill vials. Our approach is based on commercial success that we then apply to find the right solution tailored to meet your product's needs.