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  • Used Scheneck Process Volumetric Feeder
    Used Scheneck Process Volumetric Feeder

    Used 1.5" Schenck volumetric feeder, model MODMC-IG-2A, stainless steel product contact surfaces, with approximately 1.5" diameter x 17" long discharge screw, driven by 1 hp motor, .5 hp hopper agitator, serial# 105850-06C-MECGM.

  • Demineralizer Water Systems Brochure

    Komal's water demineraliser employ the modern ion-exchange technology to give to chemically pure water. A demineraliser removes these minerals from the raw water by an ion- exchange process. This process first exchanges the cations of the salt for the hydrogen ions and, then, exchanges the anions of the salt for the hydroxylions.

  • Pharmaceutical Sterile Compounding Isolator: MicroSphere
    Pharmaceutical Sterile Compounding Isolator: MicroSphere

    The MicroSphere is a clean, cost-effective C.A.I for sterile compounding, that is USP <797> compliant.

  • Centralized Ultra Pure Water System Brochure

    For more than thirty years, now the name of KOMAL Stands for the highest quality in pure and ultrapure technology for industry. With quality reference, innovative strengths and flexibility in design, we are the leading manufacturer of Centralized Ultra Pure water System.

  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) Systems
    Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) Systems

    Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) are systems designed for automatic cleaning and disinfecting without major disassembly and assembly work. We design, develop, manufacture, supply and install Mobile and Fixed CIP & SIP Units for sanitization and sterilization. The units are custom made, modular, skidded in automated or semi-automated Models as per the required time cycle for cleaning and sterilization as a part of cGMP requirements from portable to large fixed Multi-Tank system.

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