• Headspace Oxygen Monitoring On A Pre-filled Syringe Line Filling Oxygen-Sensitive Product

    This application note describes how laser-based headspace analysis is used for the rapid non-destructive determination of headspace oxygen levels in pre-filled syringes. Data is presented demonstrating two major applications of this technique: 1) headspace oxygen monitoring on a pre-filled syringe line filling oxygen-sensitive product, and 2) container closure testing of pre-filled syringes.

  • Choose The Right Inline High-Shear Mixer For Your Process

    This white paper presents some ideas for selecting the right inline high shear mixer for your process based on a company’s collective experience as a mixing equipment provider to process industries.

  • Equipment Capability Of Freeze-Dryers And Its Relevance To The Graphical Design Space For Primary Drying

    The capabilities of a freeze dryer can change with differences in design. This is particularly important when users are transferring cycles from lab-scale to commercial-scale freeze dryers. Each freeze dryer has its own limitations and it is important to understand these limitations to avoid the risk of product failure when scaling-up the production. This article summarizes a recent webinar discussing how to measure and compare equipment capabilities of lab-scale and production scale freeze dryers in order to define optimal design space parameters.

  • Optimizing Filling Technology To Minimize API Loss

    New advances in filling technology offer solutions that can minimize lost API and eliminate sources of risk while still meeting the regulatory requirements for testing and quality assurance.


  • External Vial Washer With In-Line Decontamination

    The EVW-Series is the industries’ only in-line decontamination system to completely encapsulate vial caps with a watertight seal. This allows for increased washing pressures for thorough cleaning; the entire vial body including the bottom is exposed to the water jets.

  • Used 24" Thomas Accela Cota Coating Pan

    Used 24" Thomas Accela Cota coating pan, model 24-III, stainless steel construction, top vented, serial# 24-320.

  • BD Intevia™ 1mL Two-step Disposable Autoinjector

    A reliable, integrated system that helps push the boundaries of viscosity.

  • Roller Compaction

    Roller compaction is a proven process providing a method of granulation for materials that are known to be sensitive to heat and/or moisture.

  • Infectious Disease PAPR’s

    The Sentinel XL® HP is a high performance PAPR system (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) specifically designed to provide healthcare professionals with superior respiratory protection against a range of infectious diseases.