• Vessel Charging For IV Liquids Preparation

    A customer had planned a new facility for the production of intravenous liquids. They were facing a challenge of charging multiple vessels with salt, glucose and active carbon under controlled conditions achieving high accuracy. See what solution allowed them to create a highly automated high capacity facility.

  • Can Glass Prefillable Syringes Meet The Requirements Of Deep Cold Storage Conditions?

    Explore the challenges imposed by deep cold storage conditions and outcomes on functional performance, sub-visible particles performance, and container closure integrity related to prefillable syringes.

  • SP Hull LyoStar® 4.0 R&D & Process Development Freeze Dryer

    The SP Hull LyoStar 4.0 is ideal for rapid lyophilization cycle development, optimization and scale-up, and incorporates the very latest innovations in freeze-drying technology to protect valuable product by ensuring precise process control and robust reliability.

  • Maximize Productivity With The GENiSYS® R

    GENiSYS® R provides ultimate flexibility for processing ready-to-use vials, syringes and cartridges on a single machine. Highly reliable robotics and recipe driven changeovers allow for complete format changes in as little as 30 minutes. Maximize productivity and return-on-investment with the GENiSYS R.

  • Agglomerate-Free Dispersion For Hand Sanitizers

    Obtaining an agglomerate-free dispersion is essential to ensure a clear, bright gel after neutralization but low density powders such as Carbopol can be difficult to incorporate into liquids with a conventional agitator. The high shear mixing of a Silverson mixer ensures rapid incorporation and dispersion of powders to form an agglomerate-free solution, with minimized aeration.

  • Software Tools For Pharmaceutical Lyophilization Process Development

    Read highlights from a recent webinar describing a software modeling tool developed to optimize conditions for the primary drying cycle and while accounting for heterogeneity within and between batches of drug products.

  • SP Hull Versa-Line Fill-Finish Solutions

    The SP modular Versa-Line fill-finish system and Line of Sight™ freeze dryer tools, technologies and equipment provide product development and configurable full line solutions.

  • GENiSYS® Lab Semi-Automatic Systems

    AST’s GENiSYS® Lab semi-automatic systems are ideal for drug product development and cGMP production applications. Each system automates the critical aseptic operations for vial, syringe and cartridge processing to reduce contamination risk and product variability. GENiSYS Lab offers a perfect balance between automated features, size and affordability without compromising quality, safety and ease of use.

  • Interplay Of Formulation Components On Excipient Functionality During Lyophilization

    A recent webinar described the complex effects of combining excipients in a formulation and the importance of determining optimal concentrations and processing conditions for lyophilization of protein formulations.


  • DCS® Liquid was specifically developed for toxic and corrosive liquids, achieving containment levels of < 1 ppb. The safe and contained emptying and filling of drums is thus made possible without additional precautions, such as full protective clothing or large laminar airflow booths.

  • Simple means reliable. Reliability in the pharmaceutical industry is a “must”. When it comes to filling lines, isolators offer tangible advantages over traditional aseptic processing – but a reliable bio-decontamination cycle for the inside of the isolator is imperative. Additionally, the cycle time has to be short to guarantee economic success of the filling line.

  • Model NU-5731 is a direct heat CO2 incubator offering 5.65 cubic feet (160 Liters) of useable growth space. Featuring an Oxygen control system, In-VitroCell NU-5731 uses nitrogen to suppress Oxygen levels in the growth chamber making it the perfect benchtop or floor standing solution for age-related studies.

  • SP covers the complete range of aseptic processing tools and techniques, from cycle development, stability testing, pilot and clinical batch production through to full aseptic manufacturing and commercial production batches. Our expertize in processing and packaging is matched with in-depth software engineering capabilities and customer-orientated servicing and support.

  • As more information becomes available about the toxicity and potency increases across the marketplace, the need for personnel and/or product protection grows. Flow Sciences is the world leader in sophisticated containment to meet these challenges with proprietary engineering and design that allows for the creation of validated engineered solutions.