• Selection Criteria for Ribbon, Vertical, or Tumble Blenders

    Among solid-solid blending systems, the three most common types are the horizontal ribbon blender, the cone screw vertical blender and the tumble blender. Aside from level of shear or ‘gentleness’, other factors help determine which type of blender will work most efficiently in a certain application. Following are some things to consider when choosing your blender.

  • Automatic Cap Welding Machine For Large Volume Parenteral Bottles

    Weiler Engineering Inc. presents an example of our Automatic Cap Welding Machine for welding Euro, Inso etc. style caps to LVP bottles. The video features 500mL LVP Bottles of LDPE resin produced on our Model 640 Blow/Fill/Seal system.

  • Pharmaceutics International Aseptic Fill Services

    First to the market is always key in the pharma industry. Right first time is also a key slogan heard often in the pharma industry as well. With the creative sterile filling solutions that we have to offer, you can learn how Pii, a quick to act and your very own personalized CDMO can help bring your concept to clinic in a nimble and fashion, right first time.

  • Sterile Filling Challenges For Early-Phase Product Development

    Getting your product to the clinic fast is always a key driver in pharmaceutical product development. Producing it right the first time is another key driver. In this webcast, Pii will discuss options for delivering on both of these critical requirements and will talk about the challenges clients have in producing efficient and flexible sterile product filling solutions.


  • Pharmaceutical Headspace Oxygen Stability Studies

    Many of today's biopharmaceutical formulations may potentially suffer from oxidation to some degree. Large molecule formulations are relatively more delicate and may be prone to degrade in the presence of oxygen.  Besides a loss of efficacy and reduction in shelf life, exposure of such products to oxygen can result in product discoloration, changes in dissolution rate and profile, and even toxicity or other pharmacological properties associated with negative side effects. During the development of an oxygen-sensitive product, studies are performed that investigate the formulation’s interaction with oxygen. End-of-shelf-life stability studies verify that the product indeed retains efficacy under specified headspace oxygen levels. Such studies allow for the specification of appropriate initial headspace oxygen levels in the primary packaging.

  • Chemo Compounding Isolator

    The ChemoSphere is a safe, clean, cost-effective C.A.C.I. for chemo compounding that is USP <797 / 800>, OSHA, AND NIOSH compliant.

  • Used Adtech Pharmaceutical Syringe Filling System

    Used Adtech syringe filler, SO# 725, with visual inspection system, capper feeder, Allen-Bradley PLC and interface, built 1989.

  • BioProcess Containers (BPCs)

    Thermo Scientific BioProcess Containers (BPCs) and transfer assemblies are ready-to-use single-use flexible container systems for critical liquid handling applications in the biopharmaceutical and Biomanufacturing operations.

    The Thermo Scientific single-use BPC product portfolio includes stocked catalog BPCs as well as custom BPCs in a variety of sizes and configurations that are manufactured at multiple facilities. This provides users with BPCs for at any step in the workflow and at any scale. Our multiple manufacturing sites help ensure an assurance of supply.

  • Pharmaceutical Aseptic Filling Isolator: IsoSphere

    The IsoSphere-AF is a positive pressure unidirectional airflow isolator or RABS for small, medium and large volume aseptic filling.