• Mettler XS204 Powder Weighing Enclosure designed to provide personnel protection when working with powdered substances down to a respiratory exposure concentration of less than 1 microgram powder per cubic meter of air (<1 ug/m3). Design accommodates sufficient space for efficient, ergonomic execution of powder weighing operations utilizing the Mettler XS204 Analytical Balance with dimensions (DxHxW) of 17.84” x 12.67” x 10.35” [453mm x 322mm x 263mm].

  • Discover an e-training center that provides a digital training and continuous learning platform that can be accessed 24/7, by a large number of users, to accommodate biopharmaceutical training demand.

  • To monitor product quality effectively, it’s critical to test for microbial contamination throughout manufacturing. Discover an easy-to-use, non-destructive, fluorescent staining-based system for faster microbial detection.

  • Powder Containment Enclosure with LED Lighting designed for personnel protection while working with powder substances. Enclosure features include acrylic superstructure, 10” face opening, 120V 20A GFI Duplex NEMA Outlet on left side of enclosure, LED light kit, hinged door style, black phenolic base, house exhaust adapter, and a face velocity alarm. LED lighting and Acrylic viewing panels maximize lighting across the workspace.

  • The Palltronic Flowstar V integrity test instrument ensures accurate filter integrity testing with a further reduction in test time, full compliance with 21 CFR Part 11, advanced automation capabilities, and simplified network integration saving the user time while improving process efficiency.