• Used Perkin Elmer Lambda 14 UV/VIS Spectrometer

    Used Perkin Elmer Lambda 14 UV/VIS Spectrometer, with controls on unit, 230 volts, serial# 50134.

  • PSA Series

    Anton Paar’s PSA series incorporates fifty years of experience. The world's first laser diffraction particle size analyzer – the first-ever PSA – was invented in 1967. The three models PSA 990, PSA 1090, and PSA 1190 are designed to measure a wide range of particle sizes in liquid dispersions or dry powders.

  • Container Closure Integrity Testing Using Gas Ingress

    The CCI Test Vessel provides a simple means of preparing samples for container closure integrity testing (CCIT) using the highly-sensitive and non-destructive laser-based headspace analysis technology. When combined with a LIGHTHOUSE FMS Headspace Gas Analyzer, the CCI Test Vessel offers a robust solution for container integrity tests on a wide range of container types and packaging conditions.

  • NuAire In-VitroCell™ ES Model NU-5741 CO2 Incubator

    Model NU-5741 is a Direct Heat CO2 Incubator featuring precise Humidity control through the use of a water reservoir and sensor as well as Oxygen control for hypoxia research by injecting Nitrogen gas to meet set point to suppress Oxygen levels.

  • NuAire In-VitroCell™ Model NU-5700 Series

    In-VitroCell NU-5700 Series is a direct heat CO2 Incubator offering 5.65 cu. ft. (160 L) of usable growth space. Offering the quickest recovery times on the market, NU-5700 Series offer the perfect solution for your culture growth.