• Powder Containment Enclosure with LED Lighting designed for personnel protection while working with powder substances. Enclosure features include acrylic superstructure, 10” face opening, 120V 20A GFI Duplex NEMA Outlet on left side of enclosure, LED light kit, hinged door style, black phenolic base, house exhaust adapter, and a face velocity alarm. LED lighting and Acrylic viewing panels maximize lighting across the workspace.

  • Bioburden testing and microbial limit testing, are a quality control test to determine the total number of viable microorganisms (of pharmaceutical and medical products. Thanks to its many cleverly designed features, the Milliflex Oasis® is a particularly productive and reliable membrane filtration method for performing bioburden testing in accordance with USP, EP and JP recommendations, ensuring that patients can call upon microbially safe products.

  • The biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries are highly regulated globally by a diverse group of agencies. Assuring GMP Quality and Regulatory Compliance throughout your supply chain is a challenge. Meeting this challenge requires a successful interaction between knowledge, systems, and people.

  • The pharmaceutical industry continues to bring breakthroughs in the field of new drugs and drug delivery systems amidst the increased scrutiny of the regulators. The packaging acts as the primary sterile barrier in drug delivery systems that safeguard the drug product through its life cycle. The efficiency of the primary sterile barrier and the functional components are of utmost importance to patient safety.

  • Flexible, reliable control and bioreactor systems for laboratory applications

    Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ bioprocess control systems are designed to optimize your process from the laboratory bench to full cGMP manufacturing. Our innovative control platform combines a flexible operating system with scalable, modular hardware, novel single-use sensors, and state-of-the-art bioreactors for strategic and streamlined bioprocess control.

    HyPerforma benchtop solutions offer robust management of both cell culture and fermentation processes. The open architecture provides process flexibility, and dedicated hardware control allows for expansion. Thermo Scientific™ TruBio™ software is designed to support easy process control and scaling.