• Upstream Considerations For Biosimilar Development

    Understanding upstream challenges during biosimilar development and creating a strategy to overcome them is critical for ensuring a high chance of success with your biosimilar product.

  • Shedding Light On Insulin Aggregation With The Litesizer 500

    Formulation of stable protein drugs is challenging, as most proteins are sensitive to sunlight, high and low temperatures, pH, and so on. This application note demonstrates how protein aggregation can be monitored, particle size and particle
    mass can be measured quickly and conveniently by using light scattering techniques. Furthermore, the transmittance can also provide a very rapid indication of the extent of aggregation.

  • How Successful CDMO Collaboration Sets The Foundation For Sterile Injectable Product Success

    In the realm of Sterile Injectables, sponsors come in a variety of sizes and with a range of experience levels. The same is true for CDMOs, and the dynamics of these outsourcing relationships have a huge influence on project success. Explore how a small or medium size biotech or pharma company can benefit from the experience and assistance provided by a CDMO.

  • Molecular Mass Of Lysozyme Determined By Static Light Scattering

    Static Light Scattering (SLS) measures the time-averaged intensity of scattered light. It is a typical method for determining the molecular mass of macromolecules, in particular that of proteins. This application demonstrates how the molecular mass of lysozyme can be determined by static light scattering measurement with excellent accuracy and repeatability.


  • Multiwave 7000 stands for complete digestions of virtually any sample type, a streamlined workflow, lightweight accessories, budget-friendly, easy-to-handle consumables, and minimized cleaning time. There is no need for method development.

  • In-VitroCell NU-5800 Series is a direct heat CO2 Incubator offering 7 cu. ft. (200 L) of usable growth space. The NU-5800 Series features a dual wave IR (infrared) sensor to measure accurate CO2 levels in the growth chamber.

  • Used Dr. Schleuniger tablet hardness tester, model 8M, 115 volt, serial# 02126.

  • Developed for a wide range of applications, ViscoQC 300 ensures the quality of your substance – from almost any fluid to semi-solid samples – by delivering fully traceable viscosity results with a Peltier device for the most precise sample temperature control – right at your fingertips.

  • Building on SP Hotpack’s reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction, these stability chambers represent the ultimate in quality craftsmanship. High quality, corrosion resistant design allows for continuous use without fear of failure or downtime. Temperature and humidity are precisely controlled to meet ICH and other testing standards.