• SAXSpoint 5.0 is the ultimate SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS/RheoSAXS laboratory beamline with synchrotron detector technology for the highest resolution in a compact system.

  • Tyvek® gives the premium microbial barrier protection for sterilized medical instruments and pharmaceuticals. Apart from protecting the medical devices and pharmaceutical products from physical damages, medical and pharmaceutical packages also should provide an effective microbial barrier and help to maintain the sterility of the products. Bacteria and viruses with sizes varying from 0.002 to 100 microns are a constant threat to pharmaceuticals and medical devices which in turn can be hazardous to the patients.

  • Used Agilent Gas Chromatograph, model 7890A, part# 63940A, serial# CN10281139.

  • Our team of analytical experts provide experience, efficiency, and technical proficiency in the development/validation of analytical methodology and GMP testing support for your project.

  • Pyrogen detection is one of the mandatory release tests for sterile parenteral drugs testing in the course of pharmaceutical quality control. Test methods being used are the rabbit pyrogen test (RPT), the bacterial endotoxin test (or LAL test), and the monocyte activation test (MAT).