• A Practical Guide To Aerosol Particle Counter Matching

    This short application note provides a practical guide for the expectations one should have when comparing particle count data from similar and dissimilar instruments.

  • Data Quality - The Journey Of The Data Management Life Cycle

    Sometimes we focus on data while forgetting how poor practices, bad decisions, incorrect definitions, and lack of evaluations effect the outcome. In this webinar, we analyze how to go from “data” to “data quality” to improve your overall contamination control strategy.

  • Deliver Contamination Control Solutions To An AUSTAR Customer

    In this video interview, the team from AUSTAR UK discuss why and how they worked with Particle Measuring Systems’ (PMS) exclusive UK distributor, EMS Particle Solutions, to provide an AUSTAR Sterility Test Isolator customer with a complete viable and non viable contamination monitoring solution using PMS instrumentation and equipment.

  • SP i-Dositecno EVW-100 External Vial Washer

    Compact in-line vial decontaminating machine designed to rinse pharmaceutical vials.

  • A Review Of USP <1788> Methods For Determination Of Subvisible Particulate Matter

    A recent revision to the USP 1788 Methods for Determination of Subvisible Particulate Matter was published to aid in clarification and support of the information given in various chapters. With the advent of flow imaging technologies and new therapeutic protein solutions, the scope of the document was widened. Here we explore the applicability methods, particle count limits, test method influences and more. 


  • Learn why this partnership between two global leaders is developing solutions that help pharmaceutical companies automate their microbiology workflows and transfer their data into useful information for decision making.

  • Strategically located in three continents -Europe, Asia and America- our 4 full cGMP state-of-the-art multipurpose manufacturing sites provide a total reaction volume capacity of 875 m³ to guarantee perfect solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates or APIs.

  • AES Omni integrates up to six gas supplies into the vertical posts of the AES modular cleanroom system.

  • In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, which meet the needs of multiple cleanliness and validation options, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers specialty service capabilities for delivering the appropriate level of cleanliness for your process.

  • Vertical or Horizontal Modules can be joined to form large zones of critical clean airflow within a larger cleanroom.


Learn how to employ science-, risk-, and statistics-based approaches to cleaning and cleaning validation at your facility with this free, 100-page e-book, written by a global team of cleaning validation experts, pharmaceutical toxicologists, statisticians, and Six Sigma professionals.