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Pharmaceutical facility layout must be a design that optimally integrates Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) processes, all personnel movements, and material flow from raw materials to finished products.

Proper facility design also must accommodate all equipment requirements and maintenance access needs. Depending on needs, facilities can be designed to span a single floor or include multiple floors that leads to increased flexibility but at more expense. Alternatively, modular pharmaceutical facilities are designed, engineered, and manufactured off-site before being inspected and shipped to a desired location.

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Pharmaceutical Facility Design Provider - AES Clean Technology
AES Clean Technology

AES Clean Technology is the only USA based cleanroom company that self-performs design, manufacture, and installation of cGMP modular cleanroom facilities. Working with AES, you can rest assured that your project is built on time and on budget, guaranteed.


Pharmaceutical Facility Design - CAI

CAI exists to help our customers design, deliver, operate, and maintain quality-critical manufacturing (GMP related) or mission-critical facilities. Our engineering, technical, and consulting services encompass all aspects of operation: equipment, automation, process, and human performance. The result is a superior level of operational performance and reliability.


Pharmaceutical Facility Design - Cencora PharmaLex
Cencora PharmaLex

Cencora PharmaLex guides pharma, biotech, and medtech clients from early strategic planning activities and non-clinical requirements through clinical development, regulatory submission processes and post-approval / maintenance post-launch activities. Our experts use technology-elevated solutions to support clients through the entire product lifecycle.


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Pharmaceutical Facility Design - Cytiva

With a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years, Cytiva brings a wealth of technical expertise and talent, a broad and deep portfolio, and exceptional service help researchers and biopharma advance therapeutics at every stage from discovery to delivery. We supply the tools and support our customers need to work better, faster, and safer, leading to the delivery of transformative medicines to patients.


Pharmaceutical Facility Design Provider - Federal Equipment Company
Dec Group

Dec is a leading global provider of contained powder handling systems and is recognized as a world-leading expert in process containment technologies. It has been supplying the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries for more than 30 years.

Pharmaceutical Facility Design Provider - Germfree

Germfree manufactures a comprehensive line of barrier systems for aseptic control and containment as well as a complete mobile and modular cGMP facilities. We offer advanced solutions to maintain cGMP processes and production for a wide range of biopharmaceutical applications. We are a single source OEM provider of complete cleanroom and lab facilities, and the corresponding integrated equipment designed and purpose-built by our leading-edge fabrication technology, engineering teams and subject-matter experts.

Pharmaceutical Facility Design Provider - Mesa Laboratories
Mesa Laboratories

Mesa Laboratories, Inc. offers products and services that are used to assure product quality, control manufacturing processes, and to solve problems in niche markets and processing applications. Having a strong corporate presence with the PDA, ISO, and AAMI, Mesa is also at the forefront of the standards that govern manufacturers today.


Pharmaceutical Facility Design Provider - Particle Measuring Systems
Particle Measuring Systems

Providing you with the superior knowledge, technology, quality, and service you need to successfully meet regulatory requirements and manufacture your product. Particle Measuring Systems partners with industry companies as a complete contamination monitoring solutions provider. Starting with our Advisory Services team, then collecting data with our viable and non-viable particle counters, thru to complete data management and reporting.


Bioprocessing Provider - TSI Incorporated
TSI Incorporated

TSI Incorporated serves a global market by investigating, identifying and solving measurement problems. With headquarters based in the U.S. and field offices throughout Europe and Asia, TSI has established a worldwide presence in the markets we serve.