• A Unique Approach To Primary Container Identification And Traceability

    Applying a barcode to glass pharmaceutical containers prior to fill-finish would allow tracking throughout the filling and sterilization processes. However, achieving high legibility and optimum ink adhesion at high speed on a production line is challenging.

  • Leading Biotech Upgrades Its Freezer Inventory System

    A leading biotechnology company's existing CISPro system did not include freezer inventory management for use by their process development team. By implementing the BIOVIA CISPro they can manage all the chemicals and materials across their facilities at the container level, keep track of where they are in real-time and monitor usage.

  • Achieving Track And Trace Compliance In Russia

    Within the next several years, the Russian Track and Trace system shall cover all industries, from cigarettes and medications, to child nutrition and clothing. Tracking the movement of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer will be achieved through product serialization and subsequent aggregation. Russian manufacturers and foreign exporters alike will have to adhere to the system requirements within the timeframe defined for each industry.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Guarantees Traceability Withs Serialization Solution

    At Lilly Deutschland GmbH, particular emphasis is placed on safety and quality, as physicians and patients need to be able to rely on the effectiveness and safety of medicines. Due to the increasing number of counterfeit products in the pharmaceuticals market, Eli Lilly was looking for a precise and reliable serialisation solution that would enable the company to continue guaranteeing the traceability and thereby the safety of its pharmaceutical products.

  • An Introduction To Product Inspection And Tracking Solutions For The Cannabis Industry

    As the cannabis market grows, so does regulatory agency cannabis tracking requirements. Let's look at some of the cannabis hardware and software packaging solutions that provide increased profitability and reporting accuracy.

  • Leveraging Serialization Investments With Aggregation

    Although most current legislations concerning traceability of pharmaceutical products focus on serialization rather than aggregation, the latter is an essential component of internal and external traceability of your products. Aggregation is the logical next step as well as the next business opportunity, as it vastly increases efficiency throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.

  • Mark And Verify System For Pharmaceutical Track & Trace And Serialization

    Watch how this compact system can mark pharmaceutical cartons and verify variable data such as serial numbers, batch codes, expiry date and static product identifiers. The T2620 enables carton serialization to meet worldwide product traceability and compliance requirements.

  • Catalent Keeps On Track In Compliance With Track & Trace Solutions

    Catalent Biologics works closely with its customers from early development through commercial supply. To comply with serialization regulations, Catalent’s Bloomington, Indiana, USA team needed an affordable Track & Trace solutions that could be easily added to their vial and syringe packaging suites.


  • Dec Group specialists offer full support for the integration of the serialization process into the pharma industry supply chain.

  • With over 80 serialization lines across our global site network, PCI is a true market leader in packaging serialization and anti-counterfeiting.

  • The T2650 is a module for aggregating outer boxes in the Track & Trace process. By verifying all items in a shipping box, it ensures transparency and process safety within the pharmaceutical packaging process.

  • Over decades, METTLER TOLEDO PCE has provided a broad range of solutions for optical quality inspection, coding, serialization, aggregation and rework tasks across multiple industries. Based on a strong track record in the pharmaceutical industry, tailored Track & Trace solutions have been rolled out to meet global regulations and company requirements for small to large companies across the globe in multiple industries.

  • Track & Trace compliant aggregation from item to pallet. The T2660 rounds off the Track & Trace portfolio. It supports the manual aggregation of items into bundles, outer boxes and pallets so they can be labelled in accordance with Track & Trace requirements.