• V57- Customizable, precise quality control

    Immediate contamination detection and precision formation inspections of rigid plastic containers.

    Advanced Product Handling

    Product tracking, product handling options, and intuitive software enable efficient visual inspection of every product.

    Real Time Quality Control

    Installed directly after product formation, the system minimizes chances that misformed or contaminated products continue to downstream processes.

    Precise Package Presentation

    Detect product contamination as small as 0.1 TAPPI for top-quality products.

  • V35- Advanced, automatic, high-throughput

     Sophisticated 360° inspection of round containers. Get a complete picture of every package with six-camera configuration for maximum inspection.

    Breakthrough Design

    Unique six-camera configuration captures a 360° view of each product for 100% inspection of label design and packages up to 230 mm in diameter.

    Automate Product Changeovers

    Cameras adjust automatically to support a range of field-of-view-requirements on a variety of product sizes, enabling easier product changeovers.

    High-Speed Configuration

    Installs on new or existing production lines with speeds up to 1,000 ppm for minimal disruption to current processes.

  • Efficient, customizable, intuitive use

    Advanced bottom inspection of a variety of packages. The system supports customized lighting and can be extended with top cameras for further applications such as seal contamination inspection.

    Effective Bottom Inspection

    Supporting up to 400 ppm, capture the nuances associated with various product shapes or sizes where a larger field of view is required.

    Application Based Design

    Cameras and advanced lighting options help overcome challenging applications where wet, reflective, or uneven surfaces interfere with imaging.

    Intuitive Software

    Powerful CIVCore software offers a range of inspection options for easy setup and configuration.

  • V31 Vision Inspection System

    High speed, easy integration, and adaptable. Advanced package and label inspection of oriented products. The flexible system includes a rapid installation frame and product tracking for support of up to six cameras and customized lighting.

    Increase Operational Efficiency

    Automated visual inspection supports speeds up to 1,000 ppm, helping to save time and costs associated with manual quality control inspections.

    Flexible Integration Options

    The rapid installation frame, advanced camera, and lighting options fit various fields of view for a wide range of products.

    Sophisticated Toolset

    CIVCore software can perform multiple inter-dependent inspection criteria using powerful cameras for complex inspection applications.

  • V11 Label Inspection System

    Adaptable, integrable, and cost-effective. This flexible label inspection solution reliably inspects oriented products from the sides or top for label data and quality defects. It can be easily integrated into existing production lines utilizing smart cameras, lighting, and software.

    100% Automated Label Inspection

    Affordable vision system ideally suited to replace manual spot checks with 100% automated label inspection control for high-speed production lines.

    Compliance Support

    The V11 provides documented label inspection in line with industry guidelines such as IFS and BRCGS to support consumer safety.

    Prevent Recalls and Reduce Waste

    The V11 verifies labels to detect and reliably sort non-conforming products. False or missing declarations often lead to costly recalls.