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  • Using Flexible Mobile Biocontainment Units To Prevent The Spread of Transmissible Diseases

    Transmissible diseases are no longer scarce and limited to one location, but are becoming a more frequent occurrence, spreading rapidly due to rising population densities and modern travel modes. There exists two key methods for controlling serious outbreaks of transmissible diseases: therapeutic countermeasures (i.e. vaccines) and transmission control through isolation and containment.

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  • Security Of Pharmaceuticals: A Comparison Of EU And US Standards

    With 840 million inhabitants, and two-thirds of global pharmaceutical sales, the US and Europe are also a lucrative target for drug crime. New sales channels such as the internet as well as global and more complex manufacturing and distribution channels make it increasingly easier for pharmaceutical counterfeiters to market counterfeits directly or to infiltrate the supply chain.

  • Contract Packaging Organization Install Track & Trace System To Meet Serialization Requirements

    Millmount Healthcare, a world-leading Health Products Regulatory Authorized Organization, specialize in pharmaceutical and healthcare blister and bottle/tub contract packaging. Millmount pride themselves on attention to detail and strict punctuality to fit stringent production requirements. Millmount found themselves in need of user-friendly, compact TQS solution capable of combining precise weighing with reliable serialisation of packaged products. The OCS Traceable Quality System represents a unique solution that combines all the future global Track & Trace requirements in one single system, intuitive and very easy to operate.

  • Pharma Manufacturer Installs '4-In-1 System' For Serialization, Weighing And Sealing

    The medium-sized pharmaceuticals company Krewel Meuselbach GmbH manufactures top-quality, affordable pharmaceuticals at its Eitorf (North Rhine-Westphalia) and Gehren (Thuringia) sites in Germany, using state-of-the art technology.

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Pharmaceutical Track and Trace / Serialization Software Pharmaceutical Track and Trace / Serialization Software

Across the board in all product areas, we see two key drivers of growth: Connected Industry and line competence. The common term is “Internet of Things” – its close relative in manufacturing is Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), which at Bosch is called “Connected Industry” (CI. The far-reaching connectivity of various technology areas aims to make our lives even easier and safer in the future – both in a personal and an industrial context. In manufacturing, this means improving upon how all steps are interlinked in the value chain and ensuring equipment operability and product quality. This is accompanied by substantially more flexibility in manufacturing. Above all, Connected Industry holds the key to improved service. Two examples already implemented are the traceability of products and the remote service. Connectivity of packaging and process equipment offers customers of the pharmaceutical and food industry additional opportunities to assure quality and increase productivity.

Seidenader Serialization Solutions Seidenader Serialization Solutions

Seidenader Track&Trace solutions enable serialization at each aggregation level in pharmaceutical packaging. We offer stand-alone solutions as well as integration of components into third-party systems at each secondary packaging level. Using serialization with 1D/2D coding including human-readable text, our solution supports anti-counterfeiting initiatives and ensures product authentication. And we guarantee conformity with legal and country-specific regulations – today and tomorrow.

Ropack Adds High Speed Blistering, Cartoning And Serialization Capabilities Ropack Adds High Speed Blistering, Cartoning And Serialization Capabilities

The BEC 300, manufactured by Uhlmann, is the eighth and newest blister line at Ropack Pharma Solutions. The single-lane unit integrates blistering, cartoning and serialization. The highly efficient BEC 300, which produces cold formed (alu/alu) and Aclar® blisters at high speeds, will be serialization-ready by May 2017, well ahead of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) mandate of November 2017.

Marking And Labeling For Complete Serialization; Traceability Marking And Labeling For Complete Serialization; Traceability

The station printer generates a label with an individual serial number for the pallet. The technical data is provided by the capture of all shipping cases. The hand scanner provides the readout of label data for all shipping case as well as the corresponding pallet. The user management displays via 'hand scanner hierarchy' on the station screen, corresponding with the serial number of all items

Pharmaceutical Serialization Registration And Labeling Station Pharmaceutical Serialization Registration And Labeling Station

The Advanced Bundle Station (ABS) uses a high resolution camera to read the 2D codes of every single carton aggregated into a bundle. Once these codes have been verified the external database will assign the bundle a unique serialization code. This code is then printed directly onto the bundle and verified. The bundle is then registered with all data for the cartons contained within a bundle.

Track & Trace Line Management Software For Pharmaceutical Packaging Track & Trace Line Management Software For Pharmaceutical Packaging

The Pilot Line Manager Software is an innovative software management system which controls all printing devices on pharmaceutical packaging stations via an Ethernet network. The software system collates all relevant data to create an electronic audit trail complaint to 21 CFR Part 11. A central user-interface handles and monitors all sensors, code readers, cameras and printers.

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