• The regulatory requirements regarding the traceability of pharmaceutical products are becoming more and more demanding. Cross-process solutions, which enable the tracking and identification of each filled and sealed vial, bring benefits not only in product safety and protection against counterfeiting. They also offer advantages for production itself, e.g. the possibility of logistically separating filling/sealing processes from labeling/packaging routines. With the KIV series, Syntegon offers an inline solution for coding and verifying vials that promises both high quality and high performance, and can easily be integrated in existing lines.

  • Syntegon auto-injector assembly & labelling machines are designed to offer an output of 300 auto-injectors/min. The level of automation is scalable depending on the requirements and can be subsequently adapted through field modifications of the machine. The concepts are based on a rotary table for lower and medium outputs or a linear transport system for higher outputs.

  • Syntegon Technology is your reliable partner for process and packaging technology in the global pharmaceutical industry. Whether you are an aspiring start-up or a global market leader, we offer intelligent and sustainable solutions for everyone.

  • Used Optel bottle and box vision inspection and verification system, consisting of NJM Optel bottle tracker, model BTLTRAC-SO55, with multiple cameras, side bottle belt grippers, Domino model A420i coder and controls, serial# OP6411-09; Optel Packstation SAP unit, with side mounted Domino M400 series Zebra Plus T100 print and apply box label head with Optel vision system; Optel bundletracker, with top mounted Domino M series Zebra Plus T100 print and apply box label head, integrated belt conveyor with Optel vision system, system serial# P7034, built 2017.

  • Dec Group specialists offer full support for the integration of the serialization process into the pharma industry supply chain.