• Versatile CCIT1 for a wide range of applications

    The SpeedAir 3050 is your all-in-one solution for nonporous pharmaceutical applications. Whether your products are flexible or rigid, liquid or solid, the SpeedAir 3050 can swiftly and accurately test them all. With testing times as short as 30-45 seconds, it delivers results you can rely on, ensuring the integrity of your pharmaceutical containers.

  • As part of Stevanato Group’s commitment to R&D, our analytical testing facilities focus on investigating physico-chemical properties of primary packaging materials and components and studying the interactions between container closure system and drugs. Stevanato Group relies on a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals, including, scientists, engineers, pharmaceutical chemists and biotechnologists. Their knowledge and experience covers a range of specialized areas including container closure systems and drug-delivery devices.

  • Inspect your glass vials & ampoules at speeds up to 400 pieces per minute.

  • The physico-chemical properties of the materials have a strong impact on the performance of the entire container system. Container performance analysis embraces a diverse range of investigative fields, such as material, chemical, physical, mechanical engineering. Accurately testing the container performance (product/use-dependent) maximizes drug efficacy as well as device reliability and performance.

  • Efficient, customizable, intuitive use

    Advanced bottom inspection of a variety of packages. The system supports customized lighting and can be extended with top cameras for further applications such as seal contamination inspection.

    Effective Bottom Inspection

    Supporting up to 400 ppm, capture the nuances associated with various product shapes or sizes where a larger field of view is required.

    Application Based Design

    Cameras and advanced lighting options help overcome challenging applications where wet, reflective, or uneven surfaces interfere with imaging.

    Intuitive Software

    Powerful CIVCore software offers a range of inspection options for easy setup and configuration.