• Aggregation is an important step to make the pharmaceutical supply chain safer and more secure by adding traceability and insight to your logistic process, therefore, ensuring the safety of patients worldwide and maintaining trust in the pharmaceutical industry. However, the implementation of aggregation can be challenging as it adds steps to the packaging process. It is therefore important to integrate a solution that is flexible and tailored-made to your production processes to maximize the potential gains.

  • Seal-Scan® inspection systems evaluate and analyze seal integrity with precision and repeatability. This leading edge technology offers the unique ability to pinpoint invisible defects while identifying good and bad seals.

  • Suitable for a variety of glass containers including ampoules, vials, cartridges and syringes, CVT Core is the best-in-class choice for companies inspecting challenging high value drugs, such as suspensions, viscous drugs, foaming liquids or lyophilized products.

  • The most current model, the Seal Integrity Monitoring System (SIMS) 1915+, is the ideal choice for your helium-based leak detection system. Compared to conventional vacuum bubble and dye penetration test methods, packages can be quantitatively tested using helium as the tracer gas that ensures higher levels of accuracy. Such an approach allows a comparison between multiple packaging materials and forms production line settings and stability storage conditions, supporting the entire lifecycle.

  • The OptiPac Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for multi-cavity blister packs. OptiPac utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum with topographic imaging to detect the presence and location of leaks.