• Versatile Pharmaceutical Weighing Platform That Provides High Accuracy And Throughput

    This video demonstrates the C3570 checkweigher system's extremely high weighing accuracy (from +/- 10 mg) on packages from 3g to 10kg. It is capable of running up to 600 packs per minute with product handling variants including side-grip conveyors, top and bottom conveyors, infeed timing screws and star-wheels which ensure smooth product flow.

  • Inline Weighing Technology Offers Additional Quality Check Features

    Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH produces high-quality preparations, such as medicine, food supplements and cosmetics. Alongside weight monitoring, the checkweigher used at Protina offers other important functions that support the company's system of strict quality management.

  • A Holistic Strategy To Ensure Container Closure Integrity Of Sterile Injectable Vial Product

    Recent regulatory guidance has triggered changes in industry best practices in the area of container closure integrity testing (CCIT). However, assuring good CCI of sterile injectable product goes beyond CCI testing. A more science-based holistic approach that includes robust design & qualification of the process and the implementation of appropriate process controls is required. This article describes a framework enabling such a holistic approach to CCI that assures both the primary packaging and the process contribute to good CCI of sterile injectable vial product.

  • Effects Of X-Ray Inspection On Pharmaceutical Products

    Some manufacturers still have reservations about adopting x-ray inspection as a safe method of product inspection. This white paper examines the potential effects of x-ray inspection on pharma products.

  • An Introduction To High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) Technology

    It is understood that no matter how carefully a product has been prepared, it would still be unsafe for human use if the container has a pinhole, a crack or a defective seal. There are a variety of methods widely used in the detection of pinholes, cracks and defective seals in containers however a majority are destructive causing the loss of good product and packaging components. Read more to learn why the High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) system is totally free from these shortcomings and has additional advantages for ensuring seal integrity.

  • Automated In-Line Pouch Inspection System Assures Package Seal Integrity For Flexible Packaging

    PTI’s VeriPac LPX automated inline pouch inspection system assures package seal integrity of flexible packaging formats.  Non-destructive vacuum decay technology and ASTM Test Method F2338 provides automated quality control using high speed robotic pick & place handling. 

  • Test Method Development For A Container Closure Integrity Test Using Headspace Gas Ingress

    To ensure patient safety, good container closure integrity (CCI) is of great importance for all sterile injectable products. Recent regulatory guidance has made clear that there is no ‘gold standard’ for CCI testing. As a CCI test method, headspace analysis is based on detecting changes in the headspace gas composition that result from gas ingress through a leak. Non-destructive headspace analysis, using laser-based spectroscopy, can be used to directly quantify the gas concentration inside a sealed parenteral package. It can be applied to a range of product configurations, and formulations, and has historically been used for detecting leak defects in modified headspace product.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Utilizes Checkweighers To Identify Inaccurately Filled Product

    In no other industry is the need for product quality and process reliability as critical as in the pharmaceutical industry. Sanofi-Aventis is the global leader in core medical areas, such as diabetes/metabolism, the cardiovascular system, thrombosis, the central nervous system, internal medicine, oncology and prevention through progressive vaccines. Checkweighers check vital insulin: in the Injectables Division, where liquid drugs such as different types of insulin or drugs for emergency medicine are produced, the packaged medical compounds are subjected to final checks using a dynamic checkweigher.

  • Can Wearable Devices Bridge The Gap Between Pen Injector And Pump?

    There is a convergence of trends in the drug delivery market pointing towards a demand for innovative device solutions to reliably administer medicine, monitor compliance and improve patient quality of life. Explore the potential for wearable injectors to be disruptive technologies.


  • The new generation of bag inspection machines, developed to process soft bags, offer the ideal solution to ensure parenteral products are essentially free of foreign particles, that can affect their sterility.

  • Stevanato Group is your visual inspection specialist. Through continuous innovation and pioneering of new trends, Stevanato Group is committed to making a vital contribution to the pharmaceutical industry and ultimately offering superior solutions to its customers, ensuring superior patient safety.

  • X-ray inspection systems for packaged products offer maximum contamination detection sensitivity at high throughputs for a diverse range of food and pharmaceutical applications. Typical packaged applications include the inspection of foil and plastic containers, cartons/boxes, foil pouches, bags and sacks, trays, tubes, sachets, flow-wraps, PET bottles and blister packs.

  • Unused Seidenader inspection system, with (2) type V90-AVSB/60 Seidenader semi automatic inspection units, (1) L-R unit, (1) R-L unit, currently set up for syringe inspection, with Sortec feeding system, 460 volt, Seidenader serial #'s, 11706A, 11706B.

  • The quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs significantly depends on their proper packaging.