• The VeriPac 410 utilizes a combination of vacuum decay technology and differential force measurement to identify defective packages. Multiple packages can be tested in a single test cycle, and the 410 identifies which package or cavity is defective. 

  • Our Medical Device Leak And Flow Testing capabilities surpass other existing methods. We offer nondestructive (NDT) leak testing instruments for your flexible and rigid products.

  • Versatile, Reliable Inspection.
    Next generation industrial metal detector delivers high sensitivity with ease of use to deliver affordable quality control. Suitable for dry or wet product inspection.

  • There have been many advances over the past decade in terms of drug product delivery methods. As a result, key developments like unique cartridge based delivery systems have become common. It is well documented that Helium mass spectrometry is most suited for non-porous packaging such as vials and syringes. The same methodology can also be applicable to cartridge based delivery systems. In most cases the key to success is the development of a text fixture device designed and manufactured to the specific cartridge system being testing. These custom fixtures for helium leak detection can be designed to isolate specific areas of interest in the cartridge system.

  • Learn how these non-destructive inspection technologies verify container closure system integrity with deterministic quantitative test methods for vials, ampoules, syringes, cartridges and auto-injectors.