• Distributed Biobanking: A Solution For FFPE Tissue Block Management

    A new end to end system has been developed and implemented in several locations worldwide to address the issues encountered with FFPE block storage, retrieval, and restocking.

  • Direct-To-Representative Sample Distribution Services

    One particularly effective approach to promote prescription drug products is to have pharma sales reps ‘hand carry’ samples to the health care practitioners within their territories.

  • Validating The Stability And Durability Of Labels After Thawing From Cryogenic Temperatures

    One important element of working in cryogenic temperatures involves ensuring labels remain intact and securely adhered to packaging after application as product moves from ambient temperatures to cryogenic temperatures to thawing at the point of use. The following study serves as a model for the need to validate label stability and adherence and is an example of the many different types of validation studies we regularly conduct to mitigate risk for customers during all phases of an advanced therapy clinical trial.

  • CoolPall™ Flex Flexible Pallet System

    This video will give you an overview of the Pelican Biothermal flexible pallet system. View details on the three available sizes and the temperature ranges of the systems.

  • How To Select the Best Courier Around The Globe

    As a leading biotechnology company's pipeline and global presence continued to grow, management of the supply chain presented challenges. Additionally, cost pressures demanded a tighter supply chain with better control over inventory levels, and there was a need for increased temperature monitoring of clinical supplies in transit. Learn how data-driven decisions allowed them to realize cost & performance improvements across the supply chain.


  • Clinical Trial Warehouse Services

    Ropack Pharma Solutions is positioned to warehouse and distribute even the most sensitive products.

  • Nalgene Rigid Container Tiered Portfolio Brochure

    When working in a critical environment such as a clean room or when producing critical bioproducts, even microscopic amounts of contamination can have a disastrous impact. The tiered portfolio of Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ containers provides bioproduction facilities with a range of high-quality sterile storage and transport options while addressing particulate level (USP <788>), endotoxin level, and sterility requirements

  • Flexsafe® 2D & 3D Bags For Liquid Storage And Shipping

    Safe and reliable handling & shipping solutions

  • Pharmaceutical Serialization Services

    Ropack Pharma Solutions provides a serialized supply chain that is proficient, verified and ready to safeguard your pharmaceutical product and the patients who depend on it.

  • Flexsafe® 2D & 3D Pre-Designed Solutions For Storage And Shipping

    The superior strength and flexibility of Flexsafe® bags make them safe for critical liquid shipping applications. The robustness of Flexsafe® bags is proven by applying extensive qualification regimes that combine the most stringent standard ASTM D4169 testing and real shipping conditions.