• What Your CMO Needs To Know About Serialization And Aggregation

    In recent years, the global pharmaceutical industry has been under intense pressure to enhance the safety, security, and continuity of the supply chain. This has required drug manufacturers and a vast range of supply chain partners to work collaboratively to improve supply chain transparency. The goal is to be able to track, trace, and authenticate products, and to assure prescription drug supply from the manufacturer to the patient. Partnering with a CMO that has applied traceability, serialization and aggregation standards across its own operations promises business continuity and speed-to-market that translate to a competitive advantage.

  • What Clinical Teams Should Know About Changing Trial Logistics

    The clinical journey is every bit as important as the destination.This paper discusses changing supply logistics and solutions to ensure secure, efficient, cost-effective passage of clinical supplies.

  • How One Split-Second Decision Made A Difference For Thousands Of Patients

    In the world of drug manufacturing, not all life-saving decisions happen in the lab. Sometimes the key moments that require fast thinking are closer to delivery. Such as one Saturday morning in Memphis, TN, when Marcus noticed the freezer temperatures were out of range. With over 2,000 cold chain shipments leaving his facility per day, he couldn’t afford to lose a week’s supply due to warm temperatures.

  • Off-Site Storage Of Biological Specimens And Biologics For Risk Mitigation

    Choosing an offsite storage facility means asking the right questions to determine if the storage provider has the appropriate risk mitigation infrastructure in place, beginning with a realistic threat assessment.


  • Ibex® Design

    The demand for biopharmaceutical products is continuously growing to serve the needs of an aging global population and the prevalence of chronic diseases. At the same time, the environment for biopharma companies is complex and challenging, with novel regulatory pathways, requirements to accelerate patient access, and rising competition.

  • Celsius® Bags For Frozen Storage And Shipping

    Bags fitting your applications for preserving bulk drug substances.

  • CoolPall™ Flex Flexible Bulk Shipper System

    CoolPall Flex is a range of high-performance bulk shippers that are highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their shipper to specific shipping lanes or performance requirements, to achieve the optimal thermal protection at lowest overall cost.

  • Clinical Trial Material Distribution Services

    As your clinical material partner, we simplify – and accelerate – your clinical trials. From assistance with time-consuming international documentation through destruction following all regulatory protocols, RPS is your trusted clinical trial partner.

  • Discover Our Freezing Capabilities: Celsius® Product Lines

    Sartorius Stedim Biotech offers comprehensive solutions, using either patented freeze-thaw technologies or conventional freezers, for the handling, storage, transfer and shipping of biopharmaceuticals.