• Securing Bioprocess Film Supply
    Securing Bioprocess Film Supply

    Learn how a partnership built on technical expertise and trust is helping to secure the supply of a single-use film built for bioprocessing.

  • Comparison Of Credo Carbon Footprint To Similar Performance Single-Use Shippers
    Comparison Of Credo Carbon Footprint To Similar Performance Single-Use Shippers

    Containment will always be needed to protect payloads during transportation. While it is important to the protection of the value of the payload, it has no environmental benefit. It is important for organizations to carefully consider the impact of their containment, packaging, and shipping decisions, especially when high volumes of transactions are involved. Read more about how a reusable logistical approach as opposed to a single-use shipper can considerably reduce the environmental impacts of transporting thermally protected payloads.

  • Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Expertise — A Missing CMDO Ingredient?
    Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Expertise — A Missing CMDO Ingredient?

    What if CMOs/CMDOs could offer a true end-to-end solution by ensuring strict temperature control of their products in transit? What impact would these solutions have on pharma customers?

  • Case Studies In Supply Chain Management: Getting It Right From The Start
    Case Studies In Supply Chain Management: Getting It Right From The Start

    Consistent management and communication are the keys to success when managing the supply chain of any advanced therapy clinical trial. In this article, we’ll review two case studies that demonstrate the importance of supply chain management by focusing on scaling up for commercial distribution and on packaging challenges within a cryogenic environment.

  • Off-Site Storage Of Biological Specimens And Biologics For Risk Mitigation

    Choosing an offsite storage facility means asking the right questions to determine if the storage provider has the appropriate risk mitigation infrastructure in place, beginning with a realistic threat assessment.

  • Advanced Therapies: Reimbursement And The Impact Of Hidden Supply Chain Costs

    While the potential for advanced therapies to provide curative treatments to patients around the world is very exciting, the pricing strategies and reimbursement models to support this innovation are quite complicated.  In this article, I’ll explore the cost vs. price paradigm, through a supply chain lens, highlighting hidden costs and their impact on reimbursement potential.

  • 3 Trends That Could Improve Air Cargo Shipping In Pharma Supply Chain

    There are three technology trends that could help mitigate airfreight logistics risks, reduce costs related to transportation issues and/or temperature excursions, and deliver high-quality drugs safely.

  • Managing Risks To Time Critical Product Imports At Clinical Supply Depots

    Global regulatory standards for clinical trials are, simply put, complex. In this case study, learn how one company worked with its partner to overcome the challenge of a protocol based in the US, an investigational medical product (IMP) approved in the EU, and varying QP (qualified person) rules from country to country, to conduct their clinical trial in Isreal.

  • Container Closure Integrity Testing For Sterile Vial Products In Deep Cold Storage

    A vaccine-focused biotechnology company approached LIGHTHOUSE to help investigate a phenomenon observed in liquid vaccine product stored at -80°C. During QC testing, a number of vials were found to have an overpressure. This phenomenon represented a serious safety risk and LIGHTHOUSE was asked to support an investigation to identify the root cause.

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  • Pharmaceutical Serialization Services
    Pharmaceutical Serialization Services

    Ropack Pharma Solutions provides a serialized supply chain that is proficient, verified and ready to safeguard your pharmaceutical product and the patients who depend on it.

  • Versa Teorema Checkweigher

    The Thermo Scientific Teorema checkweigher delivers a new standard in high-rate can weighing by combining rugged capability and high accuracy.

  • Catalent Clinical Supply Services
    Catalent Clinical Supply Services

    Whether you have a large, complex global study or need a small, regional solution, we can reliably supply your clinical trial anywhere in the world. From Phase I to Phase III and beyond, we are the catalyst for your success.

  • Arcos™ Block Management System Brochure

    Protect precious patient tissue blocks from misplacement and loss with the Thermo Scientific™ Syntri™ Arcos™Block Management System. Designed to minimize errors, increase productivity and keep your laboratory’s resources focused on what matters most – positive patient outcomes.

  • Celsius<sup>®</sup> Bags For Frozen Storage And Shipping
    Celsius® Bags For Frozen Storage And Shipping

    Bags fitting your applications for preserving bulk drug substances.