• Validation Of Integrated Cryogenic Systems For Cell Therapy Manufacturing

    Amittha Wickrema, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine, Director, Advanced Cellular Therapeutics Facility, University of Chicago, reviews the cold chain workflow from start to finish for a cellular therapy product.

  • Simplify Your Drug Delivery Supply Chain

    To bring their lead candidate to patients with a serious, rare, and life-threatening disease, a clinical-stage healthcare company needed to move quickly with lacking resources. One integrated offering allowed for individual approaches to their drug substance, drug product, and clinical trial packaging needs.

  • Liquid Nitrogen-Free Cryopreservation For Sustainability

    This study focuses on the running costs and carbon emissions associated with cryopreservation equipment, comparing a liquid nitrogen (LN2)-free controlled-rate freezer with a typical liquid nitrogen-based system. The environmental implications of using liquid nitrogen for cell freezing are explored along with carbon emissions during the manufacture, transportation, and operation of LN2-free controlled-rate freezers.

  • Helium Leak Detection Technology Solves Cold Supply Chain Challenges

    Vaccines and other large-molecule products require unique storage conditions, especially during the cold chain. Helium detection technology can improve the quality of drug delivery system and container design.

  • Securing Today’s Biomanufacturing Supply Chain Using Transformative Supply

    Managing today’s supply chain complexity begins by transforming historically transactional relationships to those that drive suppliers to value-added status, working toward shared customer goals.

  • Securing Bioprocess Film Supply

    Learn how a partnership built on technical expertise and trust is helping to secure the supply of a single-use film built for bioprocessing.

  • Ensuring The Efficacy Of Probiotic Products

    There is growing interest among consumers in verifying that the dietary supplements they take are safe and efficacious. The concern over whether consumers are getting the product as it is described on the label is rooted in one vital and transformative fact: probiotics are living organisms that are highly sensitive to humidity and oxygen. In the absence of proper handling and packaging, the efficacy of probiotic products can be compromised at any point of the packaging, storage and transportation process, inversely impacting shelf life and product viability and efficacy for the consumer.

  • Case Study: Reduced Risk, Spending, And Work In A Global Diabetes Trial

    And as one leading multi-national pharmaceutical company recently learned, managing ancillary materials can be a challenge every bit as complex as the trial itself.

  • Navigating The Adoption Of Continuous Pharma Manufacturing

    Driving a path forward for continuous manufacturing calls for a closer look at current global challenges, any existing barriers, and the ideas and initiatives necessary to fulfill its potential.


  • Safe and reliable handling & shipping solutions

  • The superior strength and flexibility of Flexsafe® bags make them safe for critical liquid shipping applications. The robustness of Flexsafe® bags is proven by applying extensive qualification regimes that combine the most stringent standard ASTM D4169 testing and real shipping conditions.

  • During the COVID-19 global crisis, local and global leaders are forced to make rapid decisions about critical materials and products, which are desperately limited and moving through a supply chain that was never designed for such a crisis. Dassault Systèmes’ DELMIA Quintiq solutions have been used extensively to solve similar challenges, and we have developed a methodology to apply our expertise and help make a difference today.

  • As your clinical material partner, we simplify – and accelerate – your clinical trials. From assistance with time-consuming international documentation through destruction following all regulatory protocols, RPS is your trusted clinical trial partner.

  • Ropack Pharma Solutions is positioned to warehouse and distribute even the most sensitive products.