Flexsafe® 2D & 3D Bags For Liquid Storage And Shipping

Source: Sartorius
Flexsafe Bags

Safe and reliable handling & shipping solutions

Safe and Reliable Handling & Shipping Solutions

Flexsafe® 2D Bags in Shell for Liquid Handling & Shipping for 5L & 10L

Robust and qualified solutions for liquid shipping qualified under the most stringent international norms ASTM D4169. In addition, our experts have established a new protocol for qualifying handling steps, covering normal, worse case and accidental handling conditions based on a mix of ASTM, ISO and EN norms.

Robust and Convenient Self Deploying Bag

Flexsafe® 3D Storage Solutions from 100 L to 1,000 L

The flexibility of Flexsafe® bags enables convenient installation and self-deployment of the bag in its container. Avoiding bag manipulations not only saves valuable operator time but significantly reduces the risks of damage due to inappropriate handling. The strength allows to withstand the hydrostatic pressure generated with the storage of large volumes of buffers, media and process intermediates.