• GO BEYOND with the SCIEX 7500 system, high performance triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS mass spectrometer

    Enter a new era of sensitivity and LC-MS/MS innovation with the SCIEX 7500 system. GO BEYOND current limits of sensitivity, productivity targets, ruggedness and robustness challenges. Pioneer new discoveries with this innovation.

  • Germfree is internationally recognized as a leading manufacturer of Class III Biological Safety Cabinets. Our Class III Gloveboxes provide containment for diverse research applications in the most advanced ABSL-3, BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories.

  • Explore a cutting-edge portfolio of products and services that can optimize your viral vector and vaccine development workflow and streamline manufacturing.

  • ReadyToProcess™ columns are validated prepacked columns designed for scale-up and GMP manufacturing. Using prepacked columns reduces costs by eliminating the need for column packing, preparation and validation procedures.

  • Viral safety is a fundamental regulatory requirement to produce mammalian cell-based or plasma-based protein therapeutics. By uniting single-use technology with our viral safety know-how, we can help you achieve peace of mind through the implementation of our tried-and-true Planova 15N, 20N, 35N or BioEX filters in a relatively simple and flexible manner.