• Provider Of HIV Antigens For Immunoassay

    Grifols supplies recombinant Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) antigens including HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1 Type O from the envelope and gag regions.  These antigens are currently used in immunoassays that test blood donations worldwide as well as clinical testing of patients.

  • Servo Motor: EMME-AS

    Reliable and powerful AC synchronous servo motor with optimized connection technology for dynamic applications.

  • Large Scale Filtration System For Single-Use

    MaxiCaps® MR eliminates scale-up limitations in single-use technology.

    Pre-assembled, pre-sterilized and self-contained: MaxiCaps® MR is designed for large-scale filtration in biopharmaceutical applications. Compact and ready-to-use MaxiCaps® MR devices not only mitigate risk due to their ease of use and minimized handling as a result, but also significantly save time. MaxiCaps® MR is the only logical choice when large filtration areas are needed in single-use processes.

  • Abbvie Contract Manufacturing Brochure

    When it comes to outsourcing focused on commercial success, you need a CMO that has been there many times through deep scientific expertise and world-class manufacturing capabilities.

  • Festo Pneumatic Actuators

    Actuating components, such as cylinders, electric linear actuators and axes, as well as their attachments and accessories. Pneumatic actuators are intended to convert pressure energy into motion energy; this process involves the transmission and transfer of forces.