• Reshoring A Nation’s API And Pharmaceutical Production

    The pharmaceutical industry has embraced a global supply chain model for decades, seeking cost advantages made available by offshore manufacturing of starting materials, intermediates, and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), particularly in Asia. However, a variety of concerns –– notably underscored by supply chain disruptions driven by the COVID-19 pandemic –– are pushing companies to redraw their global supply chains to resume more domestic manufacturing, aided by new technologies and equipment that can reduce costs.

  • Virus Reduction Of An Affinity Capture Step: Viral Clearance For Protein A

    Learn more about how HiScale 10/40, packed with MabSelect PrismA, is a reliable choice for the capture step in a virus clearance study.

  • Can You Afford Not To Outsource Buffer Preparation?

    The decision whether or not to outsource buffer preparation is not clear-cut, but provides an opportunity to balance risk with reward. This column examines the benefits of outsourcing.

  • Evolving Containment In Pharma Manufacturing Facilities

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing is now undergoing significant transformation. COVID-19 and its pressure on nearly every aspect of human life has put a gigantic emphasis on rapid development of prescriptives, vaccines, and accelerated means for pharmaceutical mass-production. This paper characterizes the new production directions in pharmacy and describes flexible equipment to improve pharma efficiency, purity, and production safety in the coming decade.

  • Addressing New Chromatography Challenges With Fiber Absorbents

    An absorbent material using a novel proprietary structure overcomes the diffusional and flow limitations of packed bed chromatography purification systems and aims to address the capacity issues.


  • Fareva Spray Drying CDMO Services

    Fareva offers several spray drying capabilities in their Valdepharm facility.

  • Used 24" Thomas Accela Cota Coating Pan

    Used 24" Thomas Accela Cota coating pan, model 24-III, stainless steel construction, top vented, serial# 24-320.

  • Used 1400 Liter Pharmaceutical Mixing Tank

    Used 1400 liter stainless steel mix tank, approximately " diameter x " straight side, dish top and bottom, top entering off set 3/8 hp agitator, 230 volt, approximately 21" manway, on legs.

  • Used Gerteis Roller Compactor

    Used Gerteis roller compactor, model Polygran, stainless steel construction, with screw feeder and controls, serial# 1037, built 1994.

  • AbbVie: From Biologics Innovation To Commercialization

    Selecting AbbVie Contract Manufacturing means partnering with a leading developer and manufacturer that is at the forefront of biopharmaceuticals with both its own products and customers’ products. AbbVie's scientific team and state-of-the-art facilities optimize success all the way from innovation to commercialization.