• Sponsor Challenges When Outsourcing Sterile Injectables

    ISR asked outsourcers of sterile injectable drug product to identify their biggest challenge when outsourcing to CDMOs/CMOs. Here's a look at the resulting nearly four-way tie.

  • Adenovirus Production In Single-Use Bioreactor System

    Rocking bioreactor systems can shorten the seed train prior to inoculation and provide optimized growth conditions for sensitive cells. This study presents a robust production of adenovirus using such a system.

  • Choosing The Right CDMO For Late Phase Clinical Trials

    For many pharmaceutical companies that do not have their own facilities, choosing the right partner for late-phase clinical trials and commercial production is a critical aspect in the management of parenteral products. This webinar offers insight into the importance of looking for a partner with extensive experience in the parenteral arena, as products move through clinical phases and toward commercialization.

  • Strategies To Address The Viral Vector Manufacturing Shortage

    Accelerating the production of your viral-vector based therapy requires understanding the strategies and cost-efficiencies available to address the viral vector manufacturing shortage.


  • Antibody Drug Conjugates

    When selecting AbbVie Contract Manufacturing, you are partnering with a leading developer and manufacturer focused on accelerating and mitigating risks to program timelines and on efficiently fast-tracking your program to completion. AbbVie’s mAb and ADC state-of-the-art facility and expert scientific team are located in Worcester, Massachusetts, where we specialize in treating your product as our own and have demonstrated the capability to optimize success from innovation through commercialization. In addition to our expertise, our customers also benefit from a simplified supply chain as both mAb and conjugation manufacturing are conveniently located at one site.

  • Contract Fermentation Services Brochure

    AbbVie Contract Manufacturing offers world-class fermentation capabilities based on more than 60 years’ leadership in fermentation. Your project will benefit from AbbVie’s scientific expertise as a leading developer and manufacturer of fermentation processes at our 180-acre facility in North Chicago, Illinois. We bring the same degree of expertise and passion to your project as we do with our own – supporting you from strain improvement through to large-scale manufacturing.

  • Custom APIs Made With Intelligent Collaboration

    Pfizer CentreOne is a global CDMO embedded within Pfizer and specializes in small molecule API synthesis. Our commercial manufacturing capabilities span the requirements of Pfizer’s global small-molecule portfolio.

  • Small Molecule API Brochure

    Ensure that you always have the exact resources and expertise you need, especially for your most difficult to manufacture compounds.

  • Ibex™ Dedicate

    As the biopharma industry identifies faster and more efficient ways to deliver drugs to patients, such as break-through and fast track designations for accelerated approval, these progresses create pressure on both large and small drug manufacturers. As development timelines shorten, decisions related to drug commercialization need to be taken earlier, when key results are not yet available. And deciding on the scale and type of facility to build without complete data can create substantial risks with costly consequences.