• Technical Considerations For Developing Oral Solids (Part 2)

    What technical considerations should be at the forefront for your oral solids project? This two-part series features four oral solids experts from Pfizer CentreOne’s global network and partner organizations discussing the technical considerations to be aware of. In the second installment of the series, our experts consider the effects of equipment design and different tablet strategies.

  • Technical Considerations For Developing Oral Solids (Part 1)

    Navigating your oral solids project from development through commercial manufacture can be a challenging path. In a two-part series, four oral solids experts from Pfizer CentreOne’s global network and partner organizations discuss the technical considerations to be aware of. In this first installment, we look at the importance of technical groundwork and understanding excipients in the early stages of your project.

  • Is Your Partner Prepared For Your Scale-Up Challenges?

    Most early-stage companies are not equipped with the means necessary for successful scale-up and commercialization, it is critical you find a partner that can help you overcome the challenges.

  • Process Intensification: Getting More From Less

    Intensifying or simplifying your bioprocess can mean more product, shorter manufacturing times, or lower costs –understanding what matters most is key to making the right decisions.


  • High Potent Manufacturing

    Our specialized high potent manufacturing expertise is built on 35 years experience in potent processing and offers a purpose-built facility utilizing the very latest in containment technology. This enables the safe development and clinical and commercial supply of products with an occupational exposure limit (OEL) as low as 0.01µg/m3.

  • Used 50 Liter Krieger Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer

    Used Krieger MMD 50 vacuum mixer homogenizer, stainless steel construction, with 50 liter jacketed mixing vessel, vacuum rated with top mounted double motion agitator with bottom and side wall scrappers and inner opposing paddles, bottom mounted emulsifier, top head lift/lower mechanism, with integrated control panel and HMI, Siemens controls, 400 volt, serial# 202150, built 2002, unit rebuilt by Krieger with upgraded controls in 2013.

  • Mixing And Blending Equipment For Cannabis Products

    Cannabis-infused products and medical marijuana are at the forefront of an innovative and promising industry. Fueled by a growing consumer base and increasing investor enthusiasm, the cannabis industry is opening the doors to a new generation of cosmetics, beverages, foods, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, and even pet food & wellness products.

  • Patheon: Flexible And Agile Biomanufacturing Solutions

    Patheon, by Thermo Fisher Scientific, offers agility and speed to help biopharma companies stay ahead of schedule while maintaining the highest quality product. Patheon brings deep scientific expertise to every challenge and has a track record of scaling up biologics to ensure its partners gain cost and time savings at every stage of the biologic development process.

  • BIOSTAT® RM TX Single-Use Bioreactor

    New wave mixed system developed specifically for closed, automated expansion of consistent quality cell products such as ex vivo cellular immunotherapies.