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  • Biologics CMO
    Biologics CMO

    With patients’ lives at the end of the pipeline, biologics contract manufacturing needs to be safe, reliable and consistent in supply. The developers of these large molecule drugs, however, are also operating in a highly competitive space. Speed-to-market is imperative, along with efficient processes and low costs. A lot of this will rest on the quality of the cell line development and the expertise of the biologics CMO you choose.

  • Mixing And Blending Equipment For Cannabis Products
    Mixing And Blending Equipment For Cannabis Products

    Cannabis-infused products and medical marijuana are at the forefront of an innovative and promising industry. Fueled by a growing consumer base and increasing investor enthusiasm, the cannabis industry is opening the doors to a new generation of cosmetics, beverages, foods, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, and even pet food & wellness products.

  • FlexAct<sup>®</sup> Single-Use Automation Solutions
    FlexAct® Single-Use Automation Solutions

    Bringing together all hardware, software, wetware and documentation into a ready to produce package.

  • Sterile Fill/Finish Brochure

    Leverage our experience to give your product an inside edge. Our vast knowledge is based on commercial success that we then apply to find the right solution tailored to meet your product's needs.

  • MaxiCaps<sup>®</sup> MR Brochure
    MaxiCaps® MR Brochure

    MaxiCaps® MR is a fully contained single-use assembly with up to 27 m2 filtration area, designed for large scale filtration in biopharmaceutical applications.

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