• The quality of your drug safety team is of the highest importance. That’s why you need an experienced and committed partner who commands the regulatory landscape with confidence. Our global and scalable safety solutions are designed to be efficient, affordable, and fully compliant, giving you flexibility and peace of mind in a complex clinical environment.

  • At Kymanox, our branded Technology Transfer methodology combines technical project management, sound science and engineering, quality and regulatory expertise, and business acumen to ensure Right First Time execution. Our approach is heavily based on following CGxP documentation best practices and has been honed over a decade of proven past performance.

  • Our platform is simple yet comprehensive. It’s scalable and secure. It combines our proven digital process automation, unmatched quality data management, and analytics into a single, natively connected platform. One that gives you tools to make quality a priority throughout your organization.

  • This pump combines state-of-the-art hardware with sophisticated, user-friendly software to offer compliant, paperless documentation and reporting.

  • At Kymanox, our risk-based approach to Microbiology, Environmental Monitoring (EM), and Personnel Monitoring (PM) ensures facilities and personnel operate in a state of control — ultimately ensuring patient safety.