• We help you implement innovative approaches that help you achieve higher quality, increased reliability, faster project delivery, reduced energy and operating costs, and an integrated, business focused approach to regulatory compliance.

  • The SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500+ system is engineered to deliver best-in-class quantitative analysis.

    The best just got better. The SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500+ system is equipped to conquer your laboratory’s most complex workflows and opportunities. With this LC-MS/MS system, you have the sensitivity and performance to meet analytical and regulatory demands for low-level trace detection with ease.

  • Learn how harnessing a CDMO’s extensive knowledge and skills in dealing with controlled substances can help you advance your innovative psychedelic therapeutic safely and efficiently.

  • See More with Microflow LC-MS

    The M5 MicroLC system is the perfect balance of sensitivity and robustness—more sensitive than traditional analytical flow LC, and more flexible and more robust than nanoflow LC — giving you the potential to optimize your critical workflows, today and into the future.

  • Advanced treatments such as cell and gene therapies require sophisticated logistics to ensure product quality and efficacy. Explore the comprehensive solutions to support your therapy product through clinical and commercial.