• Thermo Scientific Nalgene Biotainer bottles and carboys are specifically designed to ensure the integrity of your valuable content and meet demanding biotechnology requirements, including prolonged storage of pH-sensitive materials, freezing of contents, and storage and transport of harsher materials.

  • Efficient, customizable, intuitive use

    Advanced bottom inspection of a variety of packages. The system supports customized lighting and can be extended with top cameras for further applications such as seal contamination inspection.

    Effective Bottom Inspection

    Supporting up to 400 ppm, capture the nuances associated with various product shapes or sizes where a larger field of view is required.

    Application Based Design

    Cameras and advanced lighting options help overcome challenging applications where wet, reflective, or uneven surfaces interfere with imaging.

    Intuitive Software

    Powerful CIVCore software offers a range of inspection options for easy setup and configuration.

  • A variety of test methods exist to challenge package quality and performance. The objective of a feasibility study is to evaluate if a recommended CCI solution works and establish the optimal test parameters and Limit of Detection (LoD).

  • VCM machines are designed for the application of final closures on glass and plastic containers. These machines can integrate various capping solutions for different types of closures as screw cap, pressure cap, sealing cap, etc.

  • METTLER TOLEDO​ Track and Trace Aggregation Benefits

    Simplifying the shipping of products requires aggregation to a higher packaging level. If the parent-child relationships are stored via the serial numbers during aggregation, it is also possible to track individual packages across the supply chain. Each aggregated group is assigned a parent code, creating an e-pedigree for each item. Cases or pallets can be further aggregated into shipping containers.

    As pieces are added or removed, the association between the individual item and the aggregated code can be altered. This is managed through data entry on the software interface. Movement of each product is recorded from its creation on the production line, through to the warehouse of a wholesaler, and eventually the point of sale where the product's authenticity can be verified. Our PCE Line Manager software features a highly configurable aggregation process that supports manual and automated aggregation of pharmaceuticals. We also offer standalone or integrated aggregation solutions designed to fit into your existing production process.