• Used IMA Flexfill Series monoblock filler/plugger/capper, model F940 filler, serial# RE1003, stainless steel product contact surfaces, capable holding up to 8 fill heads (currently set up for 6 fill heads), 20 - 90 mm diameter x 40 - 180 mm height vial size range, includes model F572 plug/pump inserter, serial# 572031, vibrating hoppers and bowl feeders, mounted under Laminar flow fume hood, built 2003.

  • Complementing the high cost of medical device manufacturing, there is a high value placed on the sterility and quality of the final product which are the main reasons for successful integration of Seal-Scan® airborne ultrasound seal inspection for medical device packaging.

  • Dec can provide complete solutions from the filling of primary packaging to secondary packaging including serialization and tracking.

  • Ropack’s in-Canada clinical trial distribution: Getting drugs to market quickly, securely and cost-effectively

  • The Dec Serialization equipment solutions are designed to simplify the packaging process. Our serialization equipment solutions are compatible with all high-tech production facilities and software processes known in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. All standard units can be customized according to the unique requirements and specifications of every individual customer.