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  • The Benefits Of Late-Stage Customization For Orphan Drug Manufacturing

    Almac explains how, through the use of the Hapa BlisterJet printer, they are able to maximize the stock flexibility of their clients’ valuable orphan drug products, meaning they can distribute product more efficiently between different European countries.

  • Clinical Trial Packaging, Labeling And Storage In Horsham, UK

    This video provides insight into Thermo Fisher Scientific’s primary and secondary packaging of clinical trial materials at the Horsham, UK site. This site also specializes in automated global distribution and in Cold Chain Management.

  • PCI Activ-Blister Solutions

    Activ-Blister™ solutions provides product protection related to controlling humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, reactive impurities and odors. This market-leading technology was designed to actively control the internal atmosphere of individual blister cavities, without the use of purging, allowing for improved stability and enhanced shelf-life.

  • Expanded Access And Commercial Packaging Strategies For Orphan, Niche, And Low-Volume Drugs

    Most commercial contract drug packagers do not provide consistent scheduling for low-volume drugs, which creates supply challenges. In fact, a drug packaging delay can create a market shortage that triggers serious health consequences for patients who rely on the drug. This issue can arise with niche and orphan drugs, as well as any other drugs packaged in small volumes. Conversely, a clinical supply partner can provide packaging as needed, plus handle distribution for expanded access and general commercial needs. This summary describes low-volume drugs, examines commercial packaging and supply challenges, and explores potential solutions.

  • Current Trends In Medical Kit Packaging

    Today’s version of the medical procedure kit comprises stackable, efficient, sterile, and identifiable trays or pouches stocked with essential equipment for specific surgeries, tests, and examinations. 

  • 8 mm Needle – Improving Subcutaneous Chronic Drug Delivery

    This paper describes how reducing needle length can improve the risk profile of subcutaneous injections and can make injecting viscous formulations easier and quicker, and highlights BD’s development programme for an innovative shorter needle with ultra-thin walls for prefilled syringes.

  • Fit For Purpose Reagents - Packaging

    This video describes some of the tube and bottle choices available for custom products.

  • Inline Weighing Technology Offers Additional Quality Check Features

    Protina Pharmazeutische GmbH produces high-quality preparations, such as medicine, food supplements and cosmetics. Alongside weight monitoring, the checkweigher used at Protina offers other important functions that support the company's system of strict quality management.

  • The Value Of A BD Integrated System For Combination Products

    The growing complexity and regulatory rigour of combination products has called for increasingly innovative delivery devices. This article looks at the advantages of using an integrated system for these drug-device combination products rather than sourcing components from different suppliers.


  • Used IMA Swiftlift Elevator for Tablets and Capsules

    Used IMA Swiftlift capsule/tablet elevator, type Swiftlift, stainless steel product contact surfaces, approximately 100 liter hopper, portable design, single bucket elevator, approximately 87" discharge height, pneumatic operation, 120 volts, serial# M2861, built 2000.

  • Seal-Sensor™ Inspection Systems Brochure

    Seal-Sensor detects incomplete seals, partial or weak areas in seals, and many common defects in seals that appear visually acceptable yet possess defects that affect product quality, value, and shelf-life.

  • Used Klocker Medipak Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machine: EAS II

    Used Klockner Medipak blister machine, model EAS, speeds up to 80 cycles/minute, 18 - 52 mm transport, 100 mm width, 15 mm depth product side range, 76 mm core, 400 mm diameter film range, 52 mm max film index length, capable of cold form requires chiller, Semens controls, 220 volt, serial# 434, built 2000.

  • Standard And Specialty Dosage Form Packaging

    Our experience in commercial product launch is unparalleled. PCI affords its customers agility in a dynamic commercial market, with the flexibility to adapt quickly to changing market demands.

  • Clinical Trial Packaging & Labeling

    With unrivalled experience in packaging and labeling, we combine knowledge, expertise, innovative technologies and a dedicated team of specialists to ensure the highest quality standard of clinical supplies.