Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions

  1. Prefilled Syringe Manufacturing

    Fill-finish syringe manufacturing is one of the last steps in pharmaceutical commercialization. The goal here is efficiency and sterility. Companies don’t want to waste any of their carefully developed product and they don’t want to distribute poor quality prefilled syringes or contaminated formulas. Once established, high syringe manufacturing standards must then be maintained throughout the drug’s life span, to deliver a reliable supply for patients.

  2. Used MGS Continuous Motion Horizontal Cartoner

    Used MGS continuous motion horizontal cartoner, model CT200, rated up to 200 cpm, 6" pitch, .75 - 4" long x .38 - 4.5" wide x 3 - 7" depth carton size range, currently set up for glue closure with Nordon gluer, with vertical shutter dispensing unit, PLC controls with HMI screen, 230 volt, serial# 16847, built 2016.

  3. Seal-Sensor™ Inspection Systems Brochure

    Seal-Sensor detects incomplete seals, partial or weak areas in seals, and many common defects in seals that appear visually acceptable yet possess defects that affect product quality, value, and shelf-life.

  4. Veripac 410 Blister Leak Tester Brochure

    Multi-cavity blister packs and low head space packaging use a variety of test methods to determine package integrity, with most being destructive, subjective, and unreliable.

  5. VSC-VLC-120 Full/Partial Wrap Around Labelling Brochure

    With no need to change parts when changing over for different diameter container, down time can be reduced.

  6. in-Canada Clinical Trial Distribution

    Ropack’s in-Canada clinical trial distribution: Getting drugs to market quickly, securely and cost-effectively

  7. Flow Wrap Machine

    Automatic Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine is a versatile machine, which can wrap cylindrical, cubical and irregular shaped solid products like I.V. Fluid Bottles / Soap / Bearing / Disposable syringe / Pencil Cells / Piston Rings / Spark Plug / Plastic Spoon / Pre-filled pouches / Scrub pads and Similar Product in pillow pack pouch.

  8. Vision Inspection System for Label, Print and Package Defects

    Flexibility. The V6300 is easy to install, configure, operate and expand. As your needs increase the V6300 can keep pace.

  9. Canada Distribution of Clinical Trial Materials

    When Time-Reduction, Cost-Savings, Quality And Reliability Matter, Ropack Pharma Solutions Is The Distribution Partner Positioned To Deliver.

  10. VSC-VLC-120 Full/Partial Wrap Around Labelling

    This model is used for Full / Partial Wrap Around Labelling on different size of round and other shape of containers. The unique feature of this machine is 'No change parts required for different dia. of containers' hence the down time is very less for change over.