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Pharmaceutical Packaging Sourcing Center

The packaging of pharmaceutical products is one of the most critical steps in the commercialization process and plays a major role in the stability and safety of any drug.

Choosing the right packaging materials involves many considerations and are primarily based on the effectiveness and performance related to preserving the quality, potency, and safety of specified pharmaceutical products. Depending on the drug form, primary pharmaceutical packaging consists of blister packs (solid dose drugs) and bottles (liquid and solid dose). Like all aspects of pharmaceutical production, packaging is a highly regulated process to ensure uniformity and product safety.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Provider - AST

AST provides innovative and flexible products that satisfy the most challenging product and regulatory requirements for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. AST’s spectrum of products includes semi-automated to completely automated and integrated cGMP manufacturing systems for processing vials, syringes and cartridges.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Provider - Automated Systems of Tacoma, Inc.
ATS Life Sciences Scientific Products

In December 2021, SP Industries, Inc. became part of ATS, an industry-leading automation solutions provider. ATS addresses the sophisticated manufacturing automation and service needs of some of the world's most successful businesses. This union is built on SP's renowned customer support throughout the lifecycle of pharmaceutical development and production, as well as in diagnostics, life sciences and applied sciences applications.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Provider - Becton Dickinson (BD) Pharmaceutical Systems
Becton Dickinson (BD) Pharmaceutical Systems

BD Medical - Pharmaceutical Systems is a global leader in supplying the pharmaceutical industry with innovative, high-quality, clinically-proven and customized pre-fillable parenteral drug delivery systems. Our offering includes an extensive portfolio of pre-fillable syringes, self-injection systems, safety and shielding solutions.

Our products are designed to protect, package and deliver drug therapies and to maximize healthcare worker and patient safety.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Provider - Dec Group
Dec Group

Dec is a leading global provider of contained powder handling systems and is recognized as a world-leading expert in process containment technologies. It has been supplying the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries for more than 30 years.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Provider - Federal Equipment Company
Federal Equipment Company

Federal Equipment Company is a reliable resource for pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment needs, with over 60 years of expertise working with manufacturers seeking to buy and sell used equipment.


Pharmaceutical Packaging - Lighthouse Instruments

LIGHTHOUSE offers complete solutions for headspace Oxygen Monitoring, Container Closure Integrity Testing, Moisture Determination and Microbial Contamination inspection of media vials. Our solutions include feasibility studies, process and packaging studies, method development, method validation protocols, automated or benchtop lease platforms, on-site trouble shooting and support.


Pharmaceutical Packaging - Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection
Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection

Product inspection solutions help to safeguard product quality, safety and integrity, inside and out. Our systems for metal detection, checkweighing, x-ray and vision inspection provide confidence that product quality is maintained, compliance with industry standards is achieved, and consumers and brands are protected.


Pharmaceutical Packaging - Nikka Densok
Nikka Densok

For more than 30 years, Nikka Densok Ltd. has been a global provider of Leak Detection Equipment designed for a variety of pharmaceutical packaging ranging from laboratory use to fully integrated production applications.


Pharmaceutical Packaging - Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.
Pfeiffer Vacuum Inc.

Increasing demands for Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) in the pharmaceutical industry are driven by recent FDA and international guidelines for sterile barrier. Whether you are testing sterile barrier, moisture barrier or general protection packaging we offer nondestructive and deterministic container closure integrity test equipment for Off-line CCIT, Automatic, high speed Robotic sampling, In-line 100% inspection.


Clinical Supply CMO - Ropack Pharma Solutions
Ropack Pharma Solutions

Ropack offers pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and packaging services for all phases of the drug development process. We are a strategic partner who stands ready to help you overcome the biggest challenges when bringing your drug to market.


Pharmaceutical Packaging - Stevanato Group
Stevanato Group

Established in 1949, Stevanato Group is the world's largest, privately-owned designer and producer of glass containers for the pharmaceutical industry. The Group comprises a wide set of capabilities dedicated to serving the biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries: from glass containers with its historical brand Ompi, to high-precision plastic diagnostic and medical components, to contract manufacturing for drug delivery devices, to vision inspection systems, assembly, and packaging equipment.


Pharmaceutical Packaging - Weiler Engineering, Inc.
Weiler Engineering, Inc.

Weiler Engineering is America's leading provider of aseptic Blow/Fill/Seal liquid packaging machines for pharmaceutical and healthcare applications. Continous innovation and incorporation of the latest technological advances in equipment design and systems assure our customers of the highest level of quality in the production of sterile liquid products.


Pharmaceutical Packaging - West

West is a leading provider of innovative, high-quality injectable solutions and services. As a trusted partner to established and emerging drug developers, West helps ensure the safe, effective containment and delivery of lifesaving and life-enhancing medicines for patients. We are guided by our core values of Passion for Customers, Leadership in Quality and One West team and these values underpin our purpose to improve patient's lives.