For more than 30 years, Nikka Densok Ltd. has been a global provider of Leak Detection Equipment designed for a variety of pharmaceutical packaging ranging from laboratory use to fully integrated production applications. 


Inspect critical areas with our leak detection system.

Nikka Densok USA offers complimentary feasibility testing for your CCIT project. Whether the need is for stability testing or initial inspection capability, Nikka’s HVLD systems are here to support your CCIT needs.

The PIF-121 Pinhole Inspector offers non-destructive leak testing.

The HDT-2 Pinhole Inspector for sampling and inspection of glass and BFS vials offers non-destructive leak testing.

The HDK pinhole inspector for provides 100% inspection for IV Bags with non-destructive leak testing.

The HDV-AT6 pinhole inspector provides 100% inspection for glass vials with non-destructive leak testing.

The HDV-AT3 pinhole inspector offers 100% inspection for BFS small bottle production and non-destructive leak testing

The HDC-4 offers 100% inspection for BFS large bottle production and non-destructive leak testing.

The HDI Pinhole Inspector from Nikka Densok offers 100% inspection for BFS vial card production.


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  • Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT) in the pharmaceutical industry is such an important piece of the packaging puzzle, that more and more regulatory agencies around the globe are beginning to draft specific requirements for manufacturers. However, an absolute truth in the CCIT space is that one single inspection technology cannot be used for every type of pharmaceutical product.You should always weigh the various factors to determine the ideal inspection methodology. So how does one determine the best inspection method for their particular product? Feasibility testing!

  • High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD), a technology first applied to pharmaceutical manufacturing in the 1970s, does not destructive to packaging components or cause the loss of good product like other inspection methods. HVLD is capable of handling any product as long as  the container is made of electrically insulated material and the product contains an electrically conductive solution. In this article you will learn more about other packaging applications that can be inspected with HVLD.

  • In pharmaceutical and food packaging, there are multiple methods widely used to test if these container-closure systems pose any risk of leakage from pinholes, cracks, or defective seals. 

  • There are a variety of methods widely used in the detection of pinholes, cracks and defective seals in containers however a majority are destructive causing the loss of good product and packaging components. Read more to learn why the High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) system is totally free from these shortcomings and has additional advantages for ensuring seal integrity.