High Voltage Leak Testing Feasibility Testing


Nikka Densok USA offers complimentary feasibility testing for your CCIT project. Whether the need is for stability testing or initial inspection capability, Nikka’s HVLD systems are here to support your CCIT needs.

Our testing lab here in Golden, Colorado utilizes multiple types of equipment and testing methods to determine if HVLD is an appropriate technology for your product and inspection needs.

We also provide a full report of the test results with description of the methods and actual HVLD detection signals. Once the testing and report is complete, a Nikka Densok USA Technical Manager will schedule a teleconference to share the findings

Nikka Densok’s High Voltage Leak Detection (HVLD) is the most reliable, repeatable, and productive inspection method having the following advantages:

  • Detectability of ≥5 micron sized holes
  • Detectability of cracks
  • 100% Non-destructive
  • No secondary contamination to the product
  • 100% inspection possible

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