• Technology Selection To Enhance Bioavailability

    Bioavailability challenges are among the toughest problems faced by today’s formulators. Most of the prospective drugs in pharmaceutical pipelines today have low solubility, which means the active therapeutic ingredients can’t be absorbed when patients take them orally. This paper gives an overview of obstacles to bioavailability and summarizes the Lonza technology selection process.

  • How Can We Predict Immunogenicity Earlier?

    With many biotherapeutics a strong immunogenic response can limit the effectiveness of the treatment or cause a more serious illness. This remains a challenge for scientists as the underlying mechanisms of unwanted immunogenicity still aren’t completely understood. Detecting and preventing unwanted sources of immunogenicity as early in the discovery process as possible has become a top priority for research organizations since biotherapeutic development becomes increasingly costly as it moves downstream.

  • Platform Cell And Gene Therapy Media Development

    This article highlights a case study on the removal of serum from the expansion step of an autologous cell therapy in a cost-effective manner without affecting cell performance.

  • Zydis® ODT Provides Better Treatments

    Discover how Catalent's oral drug delivery offerings can help get your molecule to market faster. In this case study, learn the many benefits of our product offerings.

  • Preventing Dementia Through A Virtual Twin Brain

    Virtual human twins have begun to transform the development of new therapies as well as the patient experience, closing the loop between the manufacturer and the patient. In this webinar, we will discuss the current state of The Living Brain Project and how it is being applied to traumatic brain injury, neuromodulation, neurodegenerative disease progression, and drug delivery through cerebrospinal fluid.

  • Data Science Makes For Better Lab Science

    Watch this webinar to discover how technology for searching, machine learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and modeling and simulation can help lab operations to leverage scientific data end-to-end to make knowledge-driven decisions in real time to ultimately speed time to market. Key topics covered: How to unlock the potential of your existing lab data; How predictive and prescriptive analytics can help scientists become more efficient and effective; Uncover new opportunities for modeling and simulation to save time during both short and long projects.

  • Single-Use Platforms Accelerate Viral Vaccine Development, Manufacturing

    Analysts predict the vaccine market could grow at as much as 10.3 percent through 2024 (CAGR). Single-use platforms might be pivotal to meeting that demand.

  • Scale-Up: The Next Mountain To Climb In Technology Transfers

    Turning a promising drug candidate into a successful pharmaceutical product involves scaling-up the processes so a commercial supply can be achieved, which involves technical hurdles.

  • Improve Biopharma Fermentation With Innovation, Collaboration

    Organizations developing products requiring fermentation often create custom processes from scratch, leaving room for inefficiencies, lost value, and, in the case of significant error, costly time delays.


  • Altis Biosystems has developed a stem cell platform which recreates the human intestinal epithelium for compound screening and microbiome research in a high-throughput format.

  • The Hitachi Koki model himac CR22N High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge offers reliable performance with a maximum RCF of 55,200xg and capacity of 6L for bottles, tubes, or microplates. Patented features such as the Automatic Rotor Identification and Rotor Cover Detector make the CR22N the ideal separation tool for multiple research applications involving DNA, RNA, viruses, proteins, and more.

  • Our comprehensive pharmaceutical development service offering includes new drug development, early stage formulation and analytical development for both highly potent and non-potent drug products.

  • Backed by Lonza’s more than 30 years’ expe­rience and expertise in biological processing and our track record in the chemical and bio­technological industry, we offer our customers a full “one-stop-shop” service package at all stages of development and production.

  • Innovative softgel technologies that maximize your market potential: Where ideation and expertise come together.