• Create Brand Sustainability With Softgel Technology

    Keeping an eye on some emerging trends that are shaping society and the pharmaceutical industry can help you meet diverse consumer preferences and potentially extend product lifecycles.

  • Delivering Macromolecules: Challenges Associated With The Delivery Of Biologic Drugs

    Developers need to look beyond the formulation of a stable drug all the way to patient compliance. Numerous pitfalls exist along the journey to bring a biologic combination product to market. This integrated solutions program can help you simplify the journey.

  • Integrated Tools For Upstream Process Intensification: Part II

    Changes to bioprocessing methodologies in the biopharmaceutical industry are being driven by the need for increased speed, a lower cost of goods (COGs) and greater flexibility. Faster development times are required to progress biologics and vaccines more rapidly into clinical development and then to market to improve worldwide accessibility. Continue reading in part 2 of this series how in order for intensified and continuous bioprocessing to deliver on these quality and productivity promises, there is a requirement for intelligently designed products.

  • Data Gathering And Analysis Necessary In New Tablet Development

    A significant concern in tablet manufacturing is speed to market. Moving too quickly, however, may cause delayed production, lost product, and missed deadlines. To reduce potential headaches, companies are embracing the principles of Quality by Design (QbD) and utilizing automated data gathering and tablet analysis during research and development. This allows organizations to reduce product development and delivery stress and loss.

  • Optimizing Cell Culture Media To Increase Cell Culture Titer With Maintained Protein Quality

    When evaluating media with the goal of increasing titers, it is important to ensure that protein quality is not negatively impacted. So how can this process improvement be performed reliably? It makes sense to use a Design of Experiments (DoE) and empirical approach. Here is an example of how to do it.


  • Benchtop Centrifuges

    NuAire benchtop centrifuges offer mono and multi functionality, refrigerated and non-refrigerated models. Technical innovations optimize productivity in your laboratory work to improve results, save time, while providing a greater relative centrifugal force (RFC).

  • Light Pathâ„¢ Custom Material Supply: Mammalian And Microbial Custom Services For Protein Production

    At Lonza, we understand the challenges facing biotherapeutic and vaccine manufacturers related to the time and costs inherent in the drug discovery and development process. Light Path™ Custom Material Supply Services are efficient, focused technology and production offerings for the Preclinical and Phase I stages of novel biologics development.

  • Container Closure Integrity Testing

    Successful drug product development should integrate formulation, manufacturing process, primary packaging, device and delivery to the patient. Lonza’s Drug Product Services (DPS) offering delivers a holistic approach to DP development that anticipates and prevents problems early, and ensures the result is a product that is fit for purpose.

  • Jet Feeder System for Powder Feeding and Mixing

    The Jet Feeder is a multi purpose system for feeding powders into liquid and for low shear mixing. It is the perfect unit to use on those products that are sensitive to shear. ILC Dover completed a successful test at a pharmaceutical facility for mixing starch into solution for a tableting process. The system is cGMP, easy to clean or CIP, and will work in single pass processes or recirculating processes. JetSolutions is an ILC Dover company and is the manufacturer of the Jet Feeder.

  • Small Molecule API Brochure

    Ensure that you always have the exact resources and expertise you need, especially for your most difficult to manufacture compounds.