• Labs In The 21st Century – Accelerating Innovation

    Labs in the 21st century are not working anymore like in the past. Workflows are digital and connected, environments are harmonized and standardized as well as lab scientists are collaborating across borders. This requires an intelligent scientific platform that is aware of the context in which they operate. In this webinar, we will discuss how an intelligent scientific platform for the lab can accelerate innovation, leverage marketplaces and allow the labs of the 21st century to move to new horizons for lab innovation and efficiency.

  • Crystallization Process Development: Peptide Crystallization

    Whether performed during formation of an API or as a means to purify intermediates, achieving control of nucleation and crystal growth is critical to designing a successful peptide crystallization process.

  • Taste Masking Solutions For Pediatric Populations

    Originally presented by Srinivasan Shanmugam, Senior Director Pharmaceutical Sciences, this slideshow reviews the pediatric population and their needs, the significance of taste masking, and taste masking strategies.

  • Nucleases - Are They A Problem For NAB Nanosep® Centrifugal Devices?

    We examine whether the sample tubes and collection tubes of the NAB Nanosep centrifugal devices contain detectable amounts of DNase or RNase.

  • MIGAL Accelerates COVID-19 Vaccine Development With BIOVIA Discovery Studio And Pipeline Pilot

    When COVID-19 became a pandemic, scientists at the Migal Galilee Research Institute in Israel – an academic research and development center – began using applications and computational tools to apply its research to the study of COVID-19 mutations. Watch the video to learn how they used these tools to accelerate their research and development of a possible vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.  

  • Imaging Large Volume Subcutaneous Injections In Swine and Human Models Informs Effective Clinical Design

    New higher volume, higher viscosity pharmaceutical formulations for subcutaneous injection, alternatives to traditional intravenous treatment, enable chronic disease therapy in alternate settings.

  • 4Cell®BHK-21 CD Medium - Adaptation Of BHK-21 Cells To Suspension Using Chemically Defined Medium

    BHK-21 cell strains have been utilized for several years as a platform for veterinary vaccines and recombinant protein manufacturing. However, these cells are anchorage-dependent, requiring the use of dissociation agents that slow and are traumatic for cells while also creating scale-up limitations. In this study, we successfully adapted anchorage serum-dependent BHK-21 cells to suspension in a chemically defined (CD), serum-free, Sartorius medium.

  • Innovating For The Future: Accelerating The Arrival Of Immuno-Oncology 2.0

    Read how by enabling the delivery of solutions in specific areas, the new era of manufacturing can begin, and the next generation of cell-based immunotherapies can reach patients.

  • Development And Qualification Of A Complex Potency ELISA

    PD-1 has an important role in preventing autoimmune diseases but can also prevent the immune system from killing cancer cells. PD-1, which can be found on T cells and some B cells, normally interacts with its two ligands PD-L1 and PD-L2, found on antigen-presenting cells and tumor cells. Many new therapies are targeting the PD-1 pathway to boost the immune response to cancer cells. Current assays used to measure the activity of anti-PD-1 or anti-PD-L1 antibodies can be highly variable due to their reliance on primary cells and complex assay protocols. One method to demonstrate the activity of anti PD-1 molecules using a functionally relevant but less variable method is using a potency ELISA.


  • The Jet Feeder is a multi purpose system for feeding powders into liquid and for low shear mixing. It is the perfect unit to use on those products that are sensitive to shear. ILC Dover completed a successful test at a pharmaceutical facility for mixing starch into solution for a tableting process. The system is cGMP, easy to clean or CIP, and will work in single pass processes or recirculating processes. JetSolutions is an ILC Dover company and is the manufacturer of the Jet Feeder.

  • The BIOVIA Unified Lab offers research, development, analytical and QA/QC laboratories a unique opportunity to remove paper processes and better support end-to-end analytical and process workflows. Unified, harmonized and standardized laboratory/resource management and procedure execution can help achieve your business goals by improving collaborative innovation, increasing productivity, reducing regulatory compliance and safety risk and accelerating time to market.

    BIOVIA Workbook is a multi-disciplinary electronic lab notebook (ELN) for documenting and managing the flow of information, tasks and materials within and between labs, with authoring and workflow support.

    BIOVIA Notebook, an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use ELN is for organizations focused on intellectual property capture and information sharing, process documentation and overall lower total cost of ownership.

    BIOVIA CISPro is a chemical inventory management system that makes current, real-time chemical safety and inventory data available on-demand, helping to drive the safe handling, storage and management of chemicals and other inventory materials.

  • With the pressure to reduce timelines from initial idea to a First-In-Human (FIH) clinical verification, poor solubility and dissolution rate can be major hurdles for advancing complex molecules. SimpliFiH® Solutions is a streamlined and comprehensive service package designed for early-phase projects.

  • AST’s line of table-top machines, GENiSYS® Lab, are ideal systems for drug product development and cGMP production applications. Each system is designed to automate the critical aseptic operations for vial, syringe and cartridge processing to reduce contamination risk and product variability. These table-top systems are engineered to have complete compatibility with cleanroom environments, including Laminar Air Flow Hoods, Bio-Safety Cabinets and aseptic isolators.

  • Applied Spectra J200 LIBS Spectroscopy, SN 101966, Built 3/2015, with Jet Stream Quatro and Quantel Ultra laser.