• Delivering Macromolecules: Challenges Associated With The Delivery Of Biologic Drugs

    Developers need to look beyond the formulation of a stable drug all the way to patient compliance. Numerous pitfalls exist along the journey to bring a biologic combination product to market. This integrated solutions program can help you simplify the journey.

  • Materials Characterization In Pharma

    Materials science is now helping pharmaceutical companies to standardize and control areas such as drug form and manufacture to deliver new products more quickly and with greater quality.

  • Zydis® Bio Technology, Grazax® & Grastek®: Revolutionizing Allergy Therapy

    ALK-Abelló is a global research-driven pharmaceutical company that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Before ALK-Abelló partnered with Catalent, all marketed allergen immunotherapies were delivered by injection, resulting in a limited patient population and reduced patient adherence. Catalent worked with the client to apply Zydis Fast Dissolve Technology to their therapy, bringing a vastly superior product to market.

  • Viral Clearance: 7 Chromatography Column Considerations

    Viral clearance studies are a critical part of the production of biologics. Here are seven things to consider while performing your next chromatography viral clearance study.


  • Lonza Engine™: Micronization And Containment Equipment

    This brochure includes information on the features and specifications for the Lonza Engine™ micronization and containment equipment – a flexible solution for micronization process, including different technologies and containment solutions for particles engineering. Download it to learn more.

  • Zetasizer Pro Nanoparticle Size Analyzer

    Nanoparticle size analyzer with zeta potential measurements.

    The Zetasizer Pro is a robust and versatile system for the measurement of particle and molecular size and electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential of nanoparticles.

  • Integrated Biotech Services: From Strain To Commercial Product

    Backed by Lonza’s more than 30 years’ expe­rience and expertise in biological processing and our track record in the chemical and bio­technological industry, we offer our customers a full “one-stop-shop” service package at all stages of development and production.

  • Capsugel® Vcaps® Enteric Brochure

    Capsugel® Vcaps® Enteric Capsules is a capsule technology that simplifies drug enteric delivery implementation from early-stage development to commercial manufacturing. To learn more about their proven functionality and unique technology, download the brochure.

  • Zydis® Fast Dissolve Technologies - Effective Dose Forms For Pediatric Health

    Patient compliance with medication can be a complex problem and especially challenging  for pediatric populations.
    Zydis® fast dissolve formulations are an effective solution through extremely rapid dispersion in the mouth and the smooth, pleasant taste. Patient acceptance of Zydis formulations is especially high in paediatric populations, demonstrated by 50% of medications currently formulated in Zydis Orally Disintegrating Tablets (ODT) being specifically indicated for use with children.