Since Ropack’s founding in 1976 as a two-person organization in 4,000 square feet of rented space to today’s global footprint, our goal has remained the same: to consistently deliver quality and reliability to our clients. Today we operate four state-of-the-art facilities in Montreal, Canada and offer pharmaceutical contract manufacturing and packaging services for all phases of the drug development process.  If you are looking for a strategic partner who stands ready to help you overcome the biggest challenges when bringing your drug to market, give us a call.

Because we have been true to our goal, Ropack Pharma Solutions counts among its client base many of the most-respected organizations in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries


Contracting an in-country pharmaceutical clinical depot brings efficiencies to your clinical trial distribution. From its facilities in Montreal, Quebec, Ropack handles most paperwork, permissions, components, warehousing, packaging, distribution, collection, and destruction as a single project.

The growing need for convenient and tamper-free packaging has proliferated the demand for blister packaging. Learn about contract blister packaging services that can produce several different packaging forms.

Sachet is a packaging format that meets the demands of probiotic consumers and manufacturers alike.

Ropack Pharma Solutions recognizes the significance of manufacturing in generating pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products which meet the highest standards. With precision as our goal, we offer blending and encapsulation services in cGMP-compliant facilities utilizing gold-standard technology. 

When Time-Reduction, Cost-Savings, Quality And Reliability Matter, Ropack Pharma Solutions Is The Distribution Partner Positioned To Deliver.

As your clinical material partner, we simplify – and accelerate – your clinical trials. From assistance with time-consuming international documentation through destruction following all regulatory protocols, RPS is your trusted clinical trial partner.

Ropack Pharma Solutions is positioned to warehouse and distribute even the most sensitive products.

Ropack Pharma Solutions provides a serialized supply chain that is proficient, verified and ready to safeguard your pharmaceutical product and the patients who depend on it.

Ropack Pharma Solutions is equipped to produce sachets in a range of fills, including powder, liquid/cream and solid dosage fill of one or two different products per sachet.

With ample available capacity, Ropack Pharma Solutions provides the efficiency of five bottling lines with quick changeovers, online validated fill accuracy and the flexibility to accommodate small lots to commercial runs for the bottling of tablets, capsules and powders.

The blending of APIs and excipients to create a homogenous blend is a crucial component in the solid dose and powder dose pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Because blender speed and time are key factors in achieving a uniform mixture, Ropack utilizes gold-standard technology.

Ropack Pharma Solution’s ample, nimble capacity and validated processes bring quality and reliability to encapsulation.

When time-reduction, cost-savings, quality and reliability matter, ropack pharma solutions is the distribution partner positioned to deliver.

The BEC 300, manufactured by Uhlmann, is the eighth blister line at Ropack Pharma Solutions. The single-lane unit integrates blistering, cartoning, and serialization.

To complement Ropack Pharma Solutions’ drug development and packaging technologies, we provide clinical and commercial drug manufacturing services for solid oral dosage.

Ropack Pharma Solutions offers a wide variety of clinical trial manufacturing services to the industry, by scientists with Big Pharma experience, utilizing gold-standard technology designed by the most-respected manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, such as Glatt and Korsch.

Ropack Pharma Solutions welcomes the challenge of solving complex supply issues by using a unique blend of traditional and innovative services that can significantly shorten timelines, reduce cost and improve drug availability and patient compliance.

Ropack recognizes that the unique design of stick-pack offers multiple benefits – for pharma and natural health products as well as to consumers.

Ropack Pharma Solutions provides encapsulation services for commercial pharmaceutical and natural health products as well as over-encapsulation for clinical application. Our hard gelatin fillers are designed specifically for powder filling and can  accommodate capsule sizes from 3 through 00. Clinical over-encapsulation adjusts for such potential discrepancies as weight, sound and visual differences.

Ropack Pharma Solutions offers turnkey primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging services of solid oral dosages into blisters, bottles, flip-top vials, stick-packs and sachets.


Ropack Pharma Solutions

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Phone: 514.353.7000 ext. 2272

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Contact: Christopher Vounasis



  • Discover a partner that provides contract bottle filling of HDPE, PET, glass, and flip-top vial bottles for tablets, capsules, soft/liquid gels, and powders from small lots to commercial runs.

  • Ropack provides encapsulation services of solid oral dosage to the pharmaceutical, natural health product and food supplement industries in cGMP, FDA and Health Canada regulated production suites.

  • Ropack, Your Trusted Packaging Partner provides a number of pouch and sachet filling services for powder, solid, liquid, and other dosage types. Pouch and Sachet filling under nitrogen and pouch filling in a controlled-humidity environment are also available.

  • Ropack provides a number of blister packaging services and can produce blister packaging in several different forms, including regular thermo-form, cold-formed, and heat-sealed blister cards.

  • Ropack offers turnkey primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging services of solid oral dosages, tablets, powder, and encapsulation into blisters, pouches, bottles, carded blisters and syringe assembly. Our facilities are cGMP compliant and FDA certified. Ropack is competitive, flexible and agile; supporting clinical trials, short run start-ups, commercial production and warehousing and distribution services for over 100 U.S., Canadian and European pharmaceutical and nutraceutical customers.

  • Ropack, Your Trusted Packaging Partner provides Stick-Pack Packaging. Stick-packs offer consumers the convenience and flexibility their active lives demand. An ideal format for pediatric and geriatric formulations. Stick-packs offer consumers the convenience and flexibility their active lives demand. An ideal format for pediatric and geriatric formulations.

  • Ropack, Your trusted packaging partner produces exact filling of HDPE, PET and Glass bottles. Bottles are sealed with induction seals, permaseals, and child-resistant or senior-friendly caps.

  • Ropack, Your Trusted Packaging Partner provides in-Canada clinical trial distribution reduces costs and shortens go-to-market timelines while ensuring accuracy and the highest level of security.

  • Ropack's in-Canada clinical trial distribution reduces costs and shortens go-to-market timelines while ensuring accuracy and the highest level of security. When pharmas and CROs send bulk product, Ropack purchases components in country and eliminates the governmental red tape and associated cost of shipping from out of country.

  • Contract packaging for pharmaceutical and consumer health-care is Ropack's core service. Global customers rely on our exacting production environments — 32 Class 100,000 Clean Rooms, including a dedicated facility ensuring low RH and controlled temperature. With four production facilities totaling nearly 250,000 square feet, Ropack has ample capacity, state-of-the-industry technology and the flexibility to provide stability and commercial production in short and long runs.