Insights On Pharmaceutical Production

  1. Recommended Mixing Equipment For Ophthalmic Preparations

    In the processing of ophthalmic solutions, high-shear mixers are utilized for dissolving salts as well as dispersing viscosity enhancers, antioxidants and other additives.

  2. CMC Strategies For The Development Of A Bispecific Antibody Platform for Cancer Immunotherapy

    Bispecific antibody development presents many challenges in product expression, bispecific purification, product stability, and scale up of the manufacturing process. 

  3. Translating Biopharma Knowledge To Cell And Gene Therapies

    Streamlining, connecting, and automating workflows to shape the future of cellular treatment delivery has the potential to transform how we treat and potentially cure once life-threatening diseases.

  4. Extractables And Leachables Studies Support Single-Use Systems

    Concerns about leachables were expected to restrict adoption of single-use systems. This case study shows how far they’ve come.

  5. Tackling Powder Flow Problems By Choosing The Right Equipment

    Identifying the source of product flow problems and correcting them with the right piece of equipment will result in more efficient and quality manufacturing.

  6. Recommended Mixing Equipment For Pharmaceutical Gels

    A majority of pharmaceutical gels are shear-thinning semisolids prepared by dispersing hydrophilic polymers into an aqueous vehicle. Proper mixing requires a good balance between agitation and shear.

  7. Utilizing External Collaboration To Accelerate Vaccine Development

    Securing a partner to serve as an extension of Janssen’s Biotherapeutics Development API-Large Molecule team was essential to reduce both risk and the time needed for delivery of clinical supplies.

  8. Global Advantage: Free Trade Zones In China

    Learn more about how free trade zones can offer cost-efficient ways to manage your clinical trial.

  9. Answering Today’s Pharma Dilemma Of Build Or Buy

    A new business and operating model may address the build or buy dilemma, offering an innovative and agile way to manage demand uncertainty and reduce the risks associated with early investment decisions.

  10. Improved Method for Determination of Adenovirus Concentration Using Surface Plasmon Resonance

    The performance of two assays for determination of adenovirus concentration based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is demonstrated in this application note.