Mesa Laboratories, Inc. offers products and services that are used to assure product quality, control manufacturing processes, and to solve problems in niche markets and processing applications.

Having a strong corporate presence with the PDA, ISO, and AAMI, Mesa is also at the forefront of the standards that govern manufacturers today. It is this expertise that Mesa offers our customers and why we are now able to offer complete and customized validation service solutions.

Mesa Offers:

  • High-quality DataTrace data loggers
  • PCD, Apex and Mesa brand Biological Indicators
  • Continuous Monitoring Systems
  • Cold Chain Monitoring, Packaging and Consulting Services
  • Cap Torque testers
  • Validation (IOPQ) Services

Mesa designs and manufactures DataTrace, a high performance, patented, wireless data loggers for measuring and recording temperature, humidity and pressure for the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and several other industries.

Mesa’s biological indicators are specifically designed to meet the most stringent requirements and expectations. Mesa offers Apex discs for H2O2, ampoules, strips and BI testing services for steam, EO and several other sterilization processes.

Mesa manufactures and installs Centralized Monitoring Systems that reliably monitor your equipment, send alarm notifications, and provide detailed reporting to satisfy all departments and agencies. Mesa offers multiple solutions to protect your valuable product, archive critical data and delivery real-time alerts and notifications based on your input and acceptance criteria. Mesa’s systems monitor humidity, temperature/humidity, differential pressure, O2, CO2, water detection, air velocity and much more. We will help you keep your facility compliant with FDA, AABB, CAP, DHS, and other regulatory agencies. Contact Mesa Monitoring today to learn more about our real-time monitoring solutions.

Mesa now offers validated cold-chain packaging and monitoring products and services providing complete end-to-end product monitoring. Automated reporting, out-of-range alerts and historical data retrieval keep your products safe and your process within compliance.

Child-resistant caps and low-volume capping can be tough pills to swallow for some manufacturers, not Mesa! Plastic on plastic: squeezables, child resistant, tamper evident, eye dropper, pumps, desiccated, all these can be accommodated by Mesa SureTorque and Torqo torque testing analyzers.

Mesa Global Services can provide FAT, IQ, OQ, IOQ, or PQ protocols to fit your validation needs. Our experience in the validation field allows us to create highly customizable documents that will meet all of your design, product, company, and regulatory requirements. The Mesa Global Services team can provide on-site validation services to help to ensure that your equipment, systems and processes are working properly, reliably, and as intended. Mesa will develop a testing protocol based on the standards that most impact your processes, tailored to meet your specific needs.

For more information, visit us today at www.mesalabs.com


Soybean Casein Digest Broth is the recommended media for use with Biological Indicators. The use of another media may detrimentally affect the outgrowth of spores.

The SureTorque features a servo drive control, infinite chuck rotation, quick-change tooling, a color touchscreen interface, and faster cycle times.

Mesa Torque systems have become the standard in the beverage and pharmaceutical industries, consistently providing accurate and reliable torque level readings to help companies manage quality control.

Apex® Biological Indicator (BI) products are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical, food, and medical device industries utilizing vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VH2O2) decontamination.

EZTest® is a self-contained biological indicator for monitoring steam / flash steam, ethylene oxide, or hydrogen peroxide sterilization.

Standard Biological Indicators (BIs) are easy to use and are available for industrial or healthcare use.

Releasat® Biological Indicator Culturing Set contains MesaStrip paper spore strip biological indicators and culture tubes of specially formulated soybean casein digest culture medium containing a color indicator that turns a dramatic yellow when spores grow.

MagnaAmp® is a self-contained biological indicator ampoule for monitoring steam sterilization of liquids in ampoules, large containers, or washer sterilizers.

The Smart-Read™ EZTest® Biological Monitoring System allows an organization to release sterile product with true biological confirmation faster and easier than ever before.

Find the right solution for your product sterilization.


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