Smart-Read™ EZTest® Biological Indicator

Smart-Read EZTest

The Smart-Read™ EZTest® Biological Monitoring System allows an organization to release sterile product with true biological confirmation faster and easier than ever before.

This unique system uses a real biological indicator (BI) — with no added enzyme or chemical integrator — which is incubated, evaluated, and documented in one simple, automated operation. Relying only upon bacterial spore growth, the Smart-Read™ system can detect sterilization failure in as few as three to five hours, and negative results can be confirmed with an additional five hours of incubation (10 hours total).

The Smart-Read™ system includes the Smart-Read™ EZTest® self-contained biological indicator which is specially designed for rapid evaluation in our advanced Smart-Well® incubator.

Based on familiar, proven technology, the Smart-Read™ system can be implemented by any organization with minimal training and validation.

  • Fast biological results
  • True biological system
  • Easy one-step evaluation
  • Automatic documentation
  • Alarm on sterilization failure
  • 100% verifiable results