We are the only USA based cleanroom company that self-performs design, manufacture, and installation of cGMP modular cleanroom facilities. Working with AES, you can rest assured that your project is built on time and on budget, guaranteed. Our expertise in cleanroom solutions combined with our focus on your project success is second to none.


Speed-to-market is the number one driver in the pharma/bio industry today ... the faster our clients can build facilities, the quicker they can get treatments into the hands of the patients who need them the most. The AES Fast Lane program is an accelerated Design, Manufacture, and Installation program that fast tracks your cleanroom facility project in seven months.

AES Omni integrates up to six gas supplies into the vertical posts of the AES modular cleanroom system.

AES Clean Technology provides complete pharmaceutical modular cleanroom project delivery with guaranteed performance. Our integrated products + solutions offering provides risk mitigation with single-source responsibility.

Don't let the traditional cleanroom design build process delay getting therapies into the hands of those who need it most. When deadlines matter AES has the knowledge and technology to rapidly execute your cleanroom project. AES has built more cell & gene therapy cleanrooms than anyone else in the world. Why have cell & gene therapy clients selected AES? Because we understand and will meet the critical nature of your deadlines. Our system provides the speed, flexibility, and risk reduction to ensure that your facility is built on time and on budget.

AES utilizes a cross-functional project team from design through commissioning. This multi-discipline approach is dedicated to delivering a compliant facility. AES has strict quality, cost, and schedule expectations. The AES team is comprised of experienced personnel who have a full understanding of how to construct in a GMP environment and how to seamlessly transition a facility toward operational readiness.

In the spectrum of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, injectable product manufacturing facilities represent the most sophisticated and challenging to design, build, qualify and operate, particularly when products manufactured in these facilities are rendered sterile when complete, ready to inject directly into a human. For this reason, very careful consideration must be made when developing such a facility.

We construct the AES modular cleanroom system at our wholly owned manufacturing facility in order to ensure quality and cleanliness from the start. Our state-of-the-art facility only manufactures cleanroom systems and components, learn more:

The AES litebeam is a patented and one-of-a-kind 4” [100mm] wide linear LED light which is fully flush and integrated into the 3” [75mm] AES marquee ceiling system, providing a fully flush surface on both surfaces of the ceiling. These lights have a lighting level dimmable controller, and provide greater flexibility when locating HEPA air filter diffusers in the cleanroom ceiling system.

When transparency is paramount, the AES infinity system provides the viewer with a close-up and very clear viewing experience, enabling interested personnel to see the process without entering the cleanroom environment. The AES infinity glass wall system is easily integrated with other wall systems.

The cleanroom ceiling that started the walkable revolution, innovated and designed inhouse by AES engineers. The AES marquee system is AES’ hallmark system, a walkable monolithic ceiling system with an uPVC finish, with all seams cold welded together to create a monolithic finish. This system comes in either 2” [50mm] or 3” [75mm] thick, depending upon the application.


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