Cleanrooms For Cell And Gene Manufacturing Operations

Cleanrooms For Cell And Gene Manufacturing Operations

Don't let the traditional cleanroom design build process delay getting therapies into the hands of those who need it most. When deadlines matter AES has the knowledge and technology to rapidly execute your cleanroom project. AES has built more cell & gene therapy cleanrooms than anyone else in the world. Why have cell & gene therapy clients selected AES? Because we understand and will meet the critical nature of your deadlines. Our system provides the speed, flexibility, and risk reduction to ensure that your facility is built on time and on budget.

Our experienced team has:

  • 29 cell & gene therapy projects completed as of July 2019
  • 479,000 sq ft of cell/gene therapy cleanrooms designed and built as of July 2019
  • Building cell/gene therapy cleanrooms since 2000
  • First FDA & EMA approved CAR-T Cell Therapy Cleanroom (Penn Medicine & Novartis)
  • Sole source responsibility of the cleanrooms performance for risk reduction
  • Rapid design build, full customization for host building adaptability

Most importantly- we guarantee compliance

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