Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Doors

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Doors

AES Clean Technology offers a variety of specialty cleanroom doors for use throughout your cleanroom facility. Sliding doors are available as manual or automatic. Single or bi-parting sliding doors are offered as FRP, fiberglass or stainless steel, with a variety of hardware and door frame options in sizes up to 8' x 8' for manual doors and 10' x 10' for powered doors.

Your next biopharma cleanroom is more akin to a piece of equipment than a room. Operational efficiencies, compliant flow of materials and personnel, and lifecycle considerations should dictate the selection of your cleanroom partner. AES designers have been engineering functional cleanroom facilities for over three decades, guaranteeing the performance of each and every facility. Our in-house designers work as a team with our cleanroom construction personnel to engineer a cost-effective project while maximizing performance, value, and constructability. The greatest value is realized when AES is integrated into the design team at the start of the project. Early project integration with the AES experts helps the infrastructure team decide what support and cleanroom solutions the clean space requires. Early participation by AES saves design costs, expedites schedule, and eliminates a duplication of services.

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