Featured Pharma Online Editorial

  1. Mystery And Danger: Flammables And Oxidizers In Pharma Filling Operations

    BPO, benzyl peroxide, a compound that has both a fuel source and oxygen (two legs of the fire triangle) built into it, can make handling of a purified version of this compound very interesting. 

  2. Not Your Grandma’s Aseptic Filling Line: Letting Go Of Tunnels, Washers, And Other Aseptic Vestiges

    We often work with organizations adding capacity, transferring new products, and adding existing products from other sites into their “preferred” plants. In each case, the receiving site is focused on schedule and budget. These competing targets often distract personnel from embracing newer technologies, bypassing lower-cost options and faster implementation. 

  3. How Technology Will Reshape The Future Of Aseptic Processing

    Using new and existing technologies to improve aseptic processing manufacturing may provide the need and opportunity for new approaches to process control and monitoring. 

  4. Reimagining Aseptic Processing: What Must Change?

    This is the second in a three-part series exploring the need to achieve improvement in aseptic processing of sterile biopharma products. Part 1 presented the current state and opportunity for improvement using innovative technology. Part 2 discusses changes in strategy that might be needed as a result of technology implementations. 

  5. Why Now Is The Time For An Aseptic Processing Revolution

    This article is the first in a three-part series exploring the need and means to achieve improvement in aseptic processing of sterile biopharmaceutical products. Part 1 presents the current state and opportunity for improvement using innovative technology. Part 2 further discusses some of the changes in strategy that might be needed for and result from the use and improvement of technology. Part 3 presents the impact of technology changes.

  6. A Global Look At Product Protection

    We all know that serialization deadlines are looming.  While some companies have serialization projects underway, others are still waiting to get theirs started. Whatever the situation, there are still many unanswered questions about product protection, both domestically through the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) and internationally through each country's regulations, and some of these answers are very hard to find (while others are still to be determined).

    I recently sat down with two lead serialization consultants from Enterprise System Partners, a global consulting and project engineering company specializing in serialization and MES within the life science industry, to discuss many of the questions they’re receiving from their customers. Liam O’Riordan and Linda Murphy provided some clarity around certain aspects of the legislation and what it means both in the US and globally.

  7. Investigation Of New Level Technologies In Single Use, Disposable Systems

    This article presents guided wave radar level measurement as an acceptable, less expensive alternate to load cell systems. By David Ladoski and Dan Klees