Featured Products

  1. R /S+ Series Rheometers
    The R/S Plus Rheometer is available in three configurations: Model R/S Coaxial Cylinder, Model R/S-CPS (cone/plate or plate/plate) and Model R/S-SST (soft solids tester/vane) for a variety of sample types.
  2. Life Sciences Regulatory Compliance Services

    The Schneider Electric team of dedicated industry experts is focused on providing companies with strict regulatory adherence in a timely and cost-effective manner. This includes comprehensive regulatory compliance and validation services, focused on but not limited to, environmental monitoring systems, building management systems, manufacturing, processing and packaging equipment and automated business systems (MES, laboratory, Information Technology). The Schneider Electric offerings also include quality audits and assessments. Our full range of services and solutions are vendor and platform independent, providing organizations with an objective and authoritative view.

  3. Lubricants

    Natoli lubricants are engineered to maximize tool life and minimize maintenance cost by providing superior protection.

  4. Pharmaceutical Roller Compactor

    The PP 175 from Alexanderwerk is the perfect roller compactor available for the economic compaction of raw materials, with a throughput of up to 600 kg/hr and more. The PP 175 from Alexanderwerk complements the series below the 250.

  5. Ultrasonic Gas Leak Mapping Services Incus Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

    Ultrasonic gas leak mapping is a service offered to measure and record the background ultrasound of process plant under normal operation. The information gathered along with gas pressure, gas temperature, and gas type is used to assess the likely detection radius of the Incus for client specified gas leak rates.

  6. Temperature-Controlled Storage Monitoring And Compliance

    The InTemp CX400 Series is a family of high-performance data loggers for monitoring temperatures in refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-controlled environments. InTemp CX400 series loggers feature a large LCD display to keep tabs on current and daily min and max temperatures throughout the day.

  7. IVRS-IWRS Clinical Services

    PCI provides extensive experience working with many Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solution providers.

  8. Tablet Deduster KD6015 Combined Unit
    The KD6015 is an upward conveying vibratory tablet Deduster combined with a Safeline or Loma metal detector.
  9. G3Lab Universal SmartRocker Bioreactor System

    At Finesse, our goal is to enable customers to quickly and efficiently manufacture innovative drugs and vaccines. The SmartRocker, SmartBag, SmartPuck and SmartReader combination brings next generation control and measurement to rocking bioreactor applications. A SmartRocker is controlled by a G3Lab™ Universal SmartController and Finesse TruBio® software. This turnkey package provides a complete solution for research, process development, or seed train production applications.

  10. Intellectual Property

    In its exclusive partnerships with innovative pharmaceutical customers, Siegfried develops and optimizes processes for the manufacture of new active ingredients and final drug dosage forms. The shared goal of these joint activities is to increase value for our customers combined with expansion and protection of their intellectual property rights for their own compounds and corresponding manufacturing processes.