Featured Products

  1. Thermal Ink Jet Printers: Pharmaceutical Packaging

    The G-Series range of Thermal Ink Jet Printers use a HP Type 45A cartridge as the fundamental print engine ideal for pharmaceutical packaging.

  2. Biological Safety Cabinets
    LabGard Biological Safety Cabinets provide performance with protection for personnel, product, and environment, as well as long-term dependability...
  3. DL1016/1416 Wide-range Temperature Logger

    The Vaisala DL1016-1416 wide-range data logger can simultaneously monitor up to four different temperatures in multiple applications, from ultra-low temperature freezers, freezer/refrigerator units, to warehouses and incubators. This four channel temperature logger eliminates the need to purchase and install additional hardware, allowing you to monitor four different areas with a single data logger.

  4. Container Closure Integrity Testing Of Medical Devices

    Unlike pressure decay, we offer a faster and higher sensitivity test as well as direct measurements that are not volume sensitive, allowing for less set up, no frequent calibration required, less qualification, and therefore, a more robust operation.

  5. IVRS-IWRS Clinical Services

    PCI provides extensive experience working with many Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solution providers.

  6. Pharmaceutical Contract Blister Packaging Services

    Ropack provides a number of contract blister packaging services and can produce blister packaging in several different forms, including regular thermo-form, cold-formed, and heat-sealed blister cards.

  7. Drug Process Development

    Althea’s complete range of drug Process Development capabilities offers the tools to address your needs. We develop processes for producing small quantities of proteins for early testing or establish robust, reliable and scalable processes that enable a strong commercial advantage. Althea also provides access to a proprietary drug delivery platform, called Crystalomics® technology, for the development of alternative drug delivery formulations of second generation drug substances.

  8. Drug Product Development Services

    Considering that 90% of drug candidates have bioavailability issues, making sure your program is prepared for all phases of clinical trials from the very start is the fast way forward. Patheon Solubility Enhancement Services approaches BCS II and IV drug substance solubility issues a fundamentally different way that identifies the solubility enhancement technologies most likely to work before you get started. That helps eliminate rework and worry later on.

  9. Pharmaceutical Drum Lift: Uni-Hoist HPS (Hoist Pneumatic Stationary)

    The Hanningfield Uni-Hoist HPS (Hoist Pneumatic Stationary) is an air-operated lifting column, with different arm attachments for the handling of IBCs, drums, containers and process machinery (e.g. mills, mixers, vacuum conveyors etc.).

  10. Single-use, Temperature-controlled Bulk Shipping Systems

    Our range of single use passive bulk shipping solutions are suitable for all biopharma and clinical trial applications.