Featured Products

  1. Horizontal Stainless Storage Tanks

    Walker’s round horizontal stainless steel storage tanks offer the dairy, beverage and food industries all the holding capacity required – in single or multiple-unit installations.

  2. Architectural Services For Bio / Pharma Manufacturing

    A full range of architectural services from initial pre-design strategic planning through construction administration.

  3. Used 3 Cu Ft P-K Twin Shell Blender, S/S

    Used 3 cu ft Patterson Kelley twin shell blender, stainless steel construction, rated 110#/cu ft max material density, provision for high speed intensifier bar(less bar) with .75 hp, 230/460 volt motor, .25 hp shell drive, on stands, standard access ports with covers, 6" bottom outlet with butterfly valve, serial# 249787.

  4. Pharmaceutical Development - Early Phase

    Almac’s experienced formulation scientists can develop a range of oral dose formulations for early stage clinical trials.

  5. Pharmaceutical Contract Blister Packaging Services

    Ropack provides a number of contract blister packaging services and can produce blister packaging in several different forms, including regular thermo-form, cold-formed, and heat-sealed blister cards.

  6. Scientific Data Management Software: E-WorkBook

    E‑WorkBook is an industry-leading R&D informatics platform for enterprise data management. Simple enough to be a researcher's primary notebook, yet powerful enough to deliver advanced workflows, reporting and analysis, E‑WorkBook is a web-based product that is software as a service (SaaS) capable and 21CFR11 compliant.

  7. Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Luer Lock Syringe Systems

    Quick Time To Market, Significantly Lower Risk

    Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Luer Lock syringes are designed to fit a variety of standard drug delivery devices, and compared to glass they offer unprecedented strength, durability, and protection.

  8. Ambient Temperature Profile Analysis of Insulated Shipping Systems

    Cold Chain Technologies can guide your team through ambient temperature profile selection, analysis, comparison, and development. Ambient temperature profiles are a critical design constraint, as defined in PDA Technical Report 39, when developing and qualifying insulated shipping systems. These profiles should adequately capture the expected summer and winter extreme conditions specific to your own distribution channels. There is no regulatory accepted standard. It’s up to you to prove the ambient temperature profile selected or developed is adequate for your distribution channels.

  9. Checkweigher Equipment With Wash Down Capabilities: HC-WD-SL

    The HC-WD-SL is the logical and ideal combination when it comes to weighing larger products, such as crates, boxes, bags and containers in wet and care-intensive areas. Its innovative hygiene design complies with the strict legal requirements and furthermore it offers the highest possible protection, IP 69K. Designed as a mono-checkweigher, the HC-WD-SL can optionally be equipped with an infeed and/or outfeed conveyor as well as with a rejection system.

  10. Modular PODs For Bioprocessing

    PODs can be utilized in a multitude of applications including: monoclonal antibodies, vaccine or recombinant proteins, personalized medicines, cell and gene therapy  and even laboratory use.  The utilization of single-use processing equipment within the POD creates the most flexible production platform available.