White Papers

  1. Multiplexing: Managing Risk With Proven, Single-Use Solutions

    With many uncertainties when introducing a new drug to market, seeking manufacturing flexibility to accommodate diverse demands and production needs is key.

  2. Isolator Advantages in Cell Therapy Production

    Cell and gene therapies are currently produced in fixed facilities that require a significant upfront investment. Modular concepts offer an opportunity to shift from these large, fixed assets.

  3. A QUICK Guide To Selecting A CMO

    A thorough and systematic process to holistically gauge the attributes of a firm that are critical to creating an effective outsourcing relationship.

  4. The Race to Phase III: A Cautionary Tale of Scalability

    Follow the paths of two companies as they learn how a science-led, risk-based development approach yields a more successful outcome in the long run.

  5. Are The Components In Your Prefilled Syringes Compatible?

    While a prefilled syringe offers many advantages for biologic products, manufacturers must evaluate the potential impact of a prefilled syringe on product quality prior to selecting the final components.

  6. Understanding And Defining Laboratory Capacity In Biopharma

    Examine the options available for measuring your laboratory capacity.

  7. Design Considerations For Liquid Silicone Rubber

    This article discusses the considerations designers should keep in mind when working with LSR and offers helpful tips and comparisons for different tasks that LSR would be used for.

  8. Smart Manufacturing Solutions Drive Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

    Innovative companies are now applying industry-specific Smart Manufacturing solutions to reduce time to value and improve efficiency and asset utilization while ensuring product and data integrity, regulatory compliance and safety.

  9. How Fit Is Your Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility?

    How a proactive approach involving predictive — rather than preventive — tools to identify deficiencies before they compound and become actual problems can result in a healthy bioprocessing facility.

  10. Vaporized Peracetic Acid Verified Effective For Sterilizing Bioabsorbable Medical Devices

    This report explains how the innovative usage of vaporized peracetic acid (VPA) provides a safe, reliable, and versatile method for sterilizing bioabsorbable implants.