Latest Headlines

  1. Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories And Vet Path Services Merge

    Histo-Scientific Research Laboratories, Inc. (HSRL), has completed its merger with Vet Path Services (VPS) to create the leading provider of research and pre-clinical histology, pathology and archiving services for the biopharmaceutical, medical device and contract research industries.

  2. Alkaline Soak For Tough Biologic Residue

    Alkaline hydrolysis is a chemical reaction that takes place when tough organic residues are exposed to an alkaline solution. Alkaline hydrolysis breaks these residues into smaller more water soluble and more easily emulsified molecules.

  3. Parker Bioscience Filtration Urges Holistic Approach To Tackling Mycoplasma Contamination

    Biopharmaceutical manufacturers should consider the advantages of single-use technology in mitigating the risk of Mycoplasma contamination, according to Parker Bioscience Filtration.

  4. Fluid Air Announces PolarDry Electrostatic Spray Dryer

    In the age of leading-edge technology and dataflow, size and speed are the criteria on which innovation is measured and interest is cultivated. The global-process community understands this completely.

  5. Bosch Offers Both Visual Inspection And Leak Testing Systems For Pharma

    Bosch offers a wide variety of inspection benchtop solutions applicable to both visual inspection and leak detection of vials, ampoules, syringes, and cartridges.

  6. Improved Lift And Seal Designs On ROSS Multi-Shaft Mixer

    ROSS has unveiled improvements to the dual-post hydraulic lift and seal design of its 1,500-gallon Multi-Shaft Mixer (Model PVM-1500). The new lifting design is a double-acting, fully hydraulic cylinder operating at a much higher pressure, allowing for a smaller cylinder and significantly less oil for operation.

  7. Sartorius Supervisory Board Appoints Two New Executive Board Members

    At today’s meeting, the Supervisory Board of Sartorius AG resolved to make changes in the Executive Board. Effective January 1, 2019, Dr. René Fáber as Head of the Bioprocess Solutions Division and Gerry Mackay as Head of the Lab Products & Services Division will be appointed new members of the company’s Executive Board. 

  8. Natoli Engineering Announces 2019 Tablet Manufacturing Training Course Dates

    This unique classroom and hands-on training course features open discussions, one-on-one consultations, Q&A, and live demonstrations, and participation is always encouraged.

  9. Bio-Process Systems Alliance Announces 2019-2020 Board Of Directors

    The Bio-Process Systems Alliance, the primary international industry association for single-use bio-processing, today announced that Jeff Carter of GE Health Care Life Sciences has been elected as Chair of its Board of Directors.

  10. Investor Group Purchases 110-Acre Pharmaceutical Campus In Huntsville, Alabama

    Capital Recovery Group (CRG), Enfield, CT; Federal Equipment Company, Cleveland, OH; Heritage Global Partners, San Diego, CA; and PPL Group LLC, Chicago, IL, recently announced the finalization of the purchase, in its entirety, of a flexible pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging facility from a generics manufacturer in Huntsville, Alabama.