Brochure | December 10, 2013

in-Canada Clinical Trial Distribution

Source: Ropack, Inc.

At Ropack, clinical trial distribution is one of our most –requested services. Many of the most respected pharmas and CROs rely on us to meet their in-Canada clinical study needs, from packaging and expiration date relabeling to distribution, tracking, collection and certified destruction or storage of materials.

To maintain superior quality Ropack has skilled, responsive staff and cGMP-compliant facilities:

• Qualified, responsive staff members working in teams to ensure a cohesive process
• 33,000 sq. ft. within a FDA and Health Canadainspected facility, with 1,500 sq. ft. of office space
• Ample storage, including two 26’ x 70’ SuperSaver receptacles
• Refrigerated rooms with up to 300 pallet locations
• The ability to handle controlled substances and dangerous goods
• Two Level 9 controlled-substance storage vaults
• Five individual and segregated order-fulfilling and verification stations
• Comprehensive cold chain management, 2º degrees C to 8º degrees C

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