Engel Qualified DeepBlue Coolers

Source: Mesa Labs - formerly Infitrak


No other cooler on the market has a better reputation for durability and leak-proof protection than the Engle name.

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Value. Durability. Validated. Only Engel and Infitrak can bring you all of these features in one product

No other cooler on the market has a better reputation for durability and leak-proof protection than the Engle name. That’s why Infitrak chose to qualify Engel coolers as the cooler-of-choice for same day delivery of blood, pharmaceuticals, tissue samples, and other biologics.

Designed from the ground up to re-define what a storage container could be, independent test results as well as validated testing from the Infitrak labs reveal how the DeepBlue cooler beats the competition in every way.

Rugged construction
Built from roto-molded, seamless polyethylene, it’s tough enough to stand up to a to even the toughest of handling conditions. A full 2″ of dense polyurethane foam is injected top, bottom and sides to provide hours of sustained, consistent temperatures after repeated openings and all seasons.

  • Stainless steel hinges, screws, backing plates and latches enhance it’s reputation for durability and security.
  • Integrated lid hinge and secure draw-down latches are built for years of service.

Multiple sizes and temperature ranges available
The Infitrak labs have qualified the Engel 13 quart cooler to maintain a consistent temperature at three different crucial temperature ranges: -20 to -10 C, 2 to 8 C, & 15 to 25C for up to 24 hours. This makes it ideal for blood banks, infusion clinics, labs and hospitals that require temperature consistency of their biologics, regardless of the season.

The 80 quart product will maintain consistent temperatures for 28 hours with 34 openings or for 120 hours without openings and is ideal for same day delivery or long shipments.

All offerings are available now, are built to hold gel packs or PCM plates, and can be shipped in any quantity.

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