Thermal Pallet Shipper: CSafe RKN

Source: CSafe Global


We recognize that compromised cold chain air cargo can mean more than the loss of valuable products. It can also mean the loss of important business relationships. The RKN active pallet shipper equips you with the power to protect your sensitive shipments and prevent your company from experiencing these losses.

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The RKN active pallet shipper, a temperature controlled shipping unit, is the first and only EASA- and FAA-approved, compressor-driven refrigeration unit of its kind. Ideal for transporting pharmaceuticals, biomedical products, electronic devices and other perishable items, the RKN allows uninterrupted routing of shipments and maintains the internal temperature of the payload compartment – even in extreme or fluctuating ambient environments. Designed to directly address the challenges in providing superior temperature management, the CSafe RKN is designed to eliminate poor packaging, the limitations of using dry ice and delays experienced during transit.

The RKN active pallet shipper utilizes ThermoCor® high-performance insulation along with high-efficiency refrigeration and heating systems for precise control of temperature-sensitive shipments. The compressor-driven technology of the CSafe RKN eliminates the use of dry ice and the challenges often associated with its technology. Since dry ice is a hazardous material, using it in your shipments is both costly and dangerous.

For over three years, the RKN has successfully transported thousands of shipments without a single reported product loss. Only CSafe can provide you with complete confidence to safely ship your cold chain air cargo with the ability to maintain payload temperature in ambients as extreme as -30°C all the way to +49°C.

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