VHP TS1000 Tri Scale Sensor

Source: STERIS Corporation

vhp ts1000 tri-scale sensor

The VHP® TS1000™ Tri-Scale Sensor boosts VHP® VICTORY™ Biodecontamination Cycle efficiency and effectiveness of room and facility biodecontamination ensuring that hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilant is adequately distributed. 

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Boosts VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination System Cycle efficiency and effectiveness by ensuring that hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilant is adequately distributed.

How the VHP TS1000 Tri-Scale Sensor Works
While the VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit includes a built in Tri-Scale Sensor, linking additional VHP TS1000TS1000TS1000 Tri-Scale Sensor

Why the VHP TS1000 Tri-Scale Sensor

Improved Performance

  • Boosts the VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit cycle operation by ensuring hydrogen peroxide vapor is adequately distributed to all areas of the enclosure being decontaminated
  • Limits the possibility of hydrogen peroxide vapor condensation


  • Links directly to a VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit and SmartPhase™ Biodecontamination Cycle operation for larger rooms, multiple rooms and complete facilities
  • Up to three VHP TS1000 Tri-Scale Sensors can be linked to one VHP VICTORY Biodecontamination Unit


  • Smaller and lighter than previous STERIS models, facilitating transportation and storage


  • Temperature range 18-40°C (65-104°F)
  • Relative humidity range 0-100%
  • Hydrogen peroxide vapor concentration range 0-1000ppm.

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