Datasheet | December 2, 2013

VL2000 Temperature & Humidity Loggers Datasheet

Source: Vaisala, Inc.

The Vaisala Veriteq VL 2000 series data loggers (also called DL2000) are fully validatable and designed for regulated industries/pharmaceutical applications — with NIST-traceable, ISO/IEC 17025 calibration, cGMP/FDA compliant measurement and redundant recording of temperature and humidity.

VL 2000 data loggers provide the single most important feature in validatable instrumentation: all data are recorded in real-time at the point of measurement. Data is backed up with triple redundancy and maintained in a secure format for later review and reporting.  To obtain high accuracy measurements for temperature, relative humidity and an analog sensor of your choice, the 2000 data logger combines internal temperature and RH sensors with an optional external channel for either current or voltage inputs for recording parameters such as differential pressure, CO2, level, particles, or conductivity. In addition, the 2000 data logger can include a Boolean channel for door switches or alarm contacts.

This temperature and RH data logger is ideal for use in standalone and networked applications, connecting directly to a PC with USB or installing easily to your existing network via Ethernet, Power over Ethernet or WiFi. Each logger contains a 10-year battery and onboard memory for recording a wide range of parameters. With autonomous power and recording capacity, data is immune to network and power interruptions. The 2000 data loggers can be used with our viewLinc monitoring and alarming software to provide tamperproof electronic records that meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The browser-based viewLinc system provides 24/7 multi-stage alarm notification, remote, realtime monitoring and gap-free data. Reports are customizable and can be exported to Excel®. The VL2000 data loggers can also be used with vLog validation software to perform validation/mapping studies of regulated environments.

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