SP Scientific Company Overview

SP Scientific, Inc., is a manufacturer of equipment serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, educational, industrial, and OEM markets. Products are sold under well-known, market leading brand names.

Hotpack products include under-counter and floor model glassware washers.

FTS Systems products include freeze dryers from benchtop to state-of-the-art R&D systems, thermal control systems, temperature forcing systems, controlled rate freezers, and nmr/epr sample coolers. FTS products are used by leading organizations in the life sciences, semiconductor, telecommunications, aerospace, military and consumer electronics.

Genevac sample concentrator products are engineered for both laboratory drug discovery and life science research as well as production environments.

The Genevac equipment range – the Rocket, EZ-2, miVac and HT Series – contains breakthrough technology designed to make the equipment more robust and easier for operators to use. This technology provides better results, typically in a shorter amount of time. Accessories such as the SampleGenie, the Speed Trap, Cool Heat Technology and the Sample Guard are just a few of the items that make Genevac centrifugal evaporators the industry leaders.

VirTis products include laboratory freeze dryers, pilot plant and production scale lyophilizers, mechanical homogenizers, and ultrasonic cell disrupters. We also have a wide range of freeze drying accessories including freeze drying flasks.

These products are sold in the US through a direct sales force, factory-trained manufacturer's representatives or through distribution. We also have an extensive international dealer network.


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