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  1. UPS Agrees To Terms With Ortie To Acquire Polish Healthcare Logistics Company Poltraf

    UPS recently announced it has agreed to terms with Poland-based investment fund ORTIE to acquire its pharmaceutical logistics company Poltraf Sp. z o.o.

  2. Norwich Pharma Services Refines Business Strategy

    Norwich Pharma Services announced today that the company has refined its business strategy to focus on customers and partners with commercial phase programs.

  3. Multi-Shaft Mixers Ideal For Large Scale Processing Of Pastes, Gels And Suspensions

    Ross Multi-Shaft Mixers are ideal for large-scale processing of pastes, gels, dispersions, suspensions and slurries from low to high viscosity.

  4. Novel Evaporation Technology Produces Reproducibly Large Crystals

    Genevac reports its non-destructive evaporation technology - eXalt has been used by several research groups to produce larger crystals than was previously possible using traditional methods.

  5. MOCON Announces Name Change For German Subsidiary Lippke

    MOCON has made considerable investments in acquisitions and organic growth to strengthen its global footprint as a market leader.

  6. Cognex Revs Up 2-D Barcode Reading

    Read 2-D matrix and challenging DPM codes even without visible perimeters.

  7. Sonoco Receives WorldStar 2015 Packaging Award For Whirlpool® Water EveryDrop™ Water Filter Package

    Sonoco Alloyd, part of Sonoco Display and Packaging, a unit of global packaging company Sonoco, has been recognized with a WorldStar 2015 Packaging Award for its Whirlpool® Water EveryDrop™ water filter package by the World Packaging Organization.

  8. CAMO Release Service Pack 2014 For The Unscrambler X Multivariate Data Analysis And Design Of Experiments Software

    CAMO Software recently announced the launch of Service Pack 2014 for their all-in-one Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software, The Unscrambler X.

  9. Packaging Machinery Specialist, Sepha Ltd, Wins National Award For Excellence In Innovation

    The Northern Ireland-based packaging machinery manufacturer, Sepha Ltd. has won the award for Excellence in Innovation from the UK Chamber of Commerce.

  10. RoosterBio Selects BioLife Solutions CryoStor® To Commercialize Human Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells

    BioLife Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLFS), a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of proprietary clinical grade hypothermic storage and cryopreservation freeze media and precision thermal shipping products for cells and tissues ("BioLife" or the "Company"), announced today that Frederick, MD based RoosterBio, Inc., has adopted the Company's CryoStor clinical grade cryopreservation freeze media to commercialize RoosterBio's human bone marrow-derived, adult mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) products.

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