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SteriPharm Isolator SteriPharm Isolator

As part of the standardised product range, SteriPharm is a user and maintenance friendly system providing a cost effective alternative for sterility testing

FlexiPharm Isolator FlexiPharm Isolator

Extract Technology are a leading worldwide supplier of rigid and flexible containment systems for the pharmaceutical healthcare, biotech and chemical markets.

IsoPharm Isolator IsoPharm Isolator

Extract Technology are a leading worldwide supplier of containment and aseptic systems for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech and chemical markets.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Containment Solutions Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Containment Solutions

Complete containment solutions based around an innovative range of Downflow Containment Booths bring different features and benefits to your application. But all have one thing in common: they provide a Guaranteed Working Environment.

Mobile Clean Room Solutions Mobile Clean Room Solutions

Our self-contained, ready-to-use design provides functional clean room space wherever and whenever you need it. Whether you want to expand manufacturing, R&D or processing capacity at an existing facility, a remote location, or around the globe, our MCRs can be transported and fully operational more rapidly than other clean room options.

Isolators For Aseptic Manufacturing Isolators For Aseptic Manufacturing

Extract Technology aseptic isolators are designed to allow operators to perform aseptic processes in a sterile environment providing assurance of process integrity.

Laboratory Glassware Reprocessing Laboratory Glassware Reprocessing

The new PG 8536 reaches new levels in glassware reprocessing benchmarks in terms of performance safety and economy. With enhanced features such as more programs and inserts, separate modules for water treatment, delivery of chemicals and process documentation, this washer contributes towards achieving the perfect and systematic solution tailored for specific needs.

Laboratory Under-Counter Glassware Washer: PG8535 Laboratory Under-Counter Glassware Washer: PG8535

In general, the more critical the research, the more likely a laboratory will employ an automated washing process. Today more regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, testing and forensics labs are requiring a paper trail which provides proof of accuracy with their washing processes. A validated washer combined with Standard Operating Procedures provides a more consistent, traceable result than hand washing.

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