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  • New Technologies Drive Efficiencies In Drug Processing And Packaging
    New Technologies Drive Efficiencies In Drug Processing And Packaging

    By Julie Ackerman, senior director PR and communications, PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers continually seek solutions to speed products to market, ramp up production in times of outbreaks or increased demand, protect their brand integrity throughout the supply chain and streamline efficiencies to remain highly cost-effective. Of course, the critical need to ensure patient safety makes rigorous quality control and precision in pharmaceutical manufacturing incredibly important.

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Controlled Plant Growth Green Pods

Controlled Plant Growth Green Pods

Green PODs represent a cost-efficient and flexible alternative to traditional growth chambers and greenhouses for a wide variety of applications.

Pharmaceutical Flexible Modular Facilities

Our standard POD product portfolio might not meet your specific requirements.

Flexible and Modular Pharmaceutical Pods

The flexibility and modularity of self-contained pharmaceutical PODs creates a variety of choices on how to utilize the PODs to its best purposes

Pharmaceutical Compliance Support

A full engineering turn-over package (ETOP) is supplied with every POD.

Pharmaceutical Facility Designs And Pod Systems

POD based facilities can be designed, built and validated faster than conventional solutions at significantly lower cost (according to a case study ~58% of traditional site).

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom & Containment PODs

PODs are self-contained, autonomous cleanroom or containment systems for pharmaceutical product processes. PODs are flexible, rapidly deployed, scalable, mobile due to integrated air bearings and repurposable.

Self-Contained Pharmaceutical Flexible Facility

PODs can undergo VHP decontamination, allowing for quick turnover between campaigns andquick decontamination in the event of a containment issue

Pharmaceutical POD Facilities

PODs can be utilized in a multitude of applications; from monoclonal antibody, vaccine or recombinant protein development, or production processes to personalized medicine or cell therapy steps.

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