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  • How To Benchmark Powder Flow Behavior

    Unfortunately, there are many variables that affect a powder’s formulation. Consequently, the flow behavior cannot be guaranteed from formulation alone.

  • Challenges & Opportunities: Encapsulation Of Liquid & Semi-Solid Formulations Into Oral Capsules

    The encapsulation of liquids and semi-solids provides solutions for convenient delivery through improved oral absorption of poorly water-soluble drugs.

  • Accelerating Lipid-Based Drug Formulation Through Application Of An Expert System
    Accelerating Lipid-Based Drug Formulation Through Application Of An Expert System

    Formulation scientists have become pivotal to pharmaceutical development, in that they are often faced with the daunting challenge of not only identifying the most suitable drug delivery platform among a myriad of options, but also developing and validating robust systems that address the challenges posed by increasingly complex drug candidates, in ever shortening time frames. By Eduardo Jule, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Formulation and Pharmaceutical Development

  • Solutions To Batch Mixing Issues

    This white paper presents some strategies for improving commonly encountered batch mixing problems. Because mixing processes vary from one application to another – with different objectives, design configurations, rheologies, operating limitations, etc. – there are no fix-all solutions that will apply to every situation.

  • The Importance Of Mixer Testing And Selection

    If you haven’t tested a variety of mixers during the last few years, forget all the rules you used to rely on to distinguish one mixer from another. According to the old rulebook, mixers fell into neat categories according to their capabilities and the requirements of your application. Once you identified the viscosity of your materials, for example, the shear required and the target particle or droplet size, you could quickly narrow your equipment choices to one or two likely candidates. Well, those days are over. During the recent past, profound advances in design and engineering have made mixers in most categories ("categories" such as rotor/stator High Shear Mixers, Double Planetary Mixers, and Multi-shaft Mixer hybrids) far more versatile than they were before. By Christine Banaszek, Application Engineer

  • Cost & Benefits Of Handheld Raman For Quality Control Testing Of Incoming Raw Materials In The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

    Competition in the pharmaceutical industry is driving drug companies to spread their manufacturing operations around the globe.

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