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  • Does The Ointment Hurt?
    Does The Ointment Hurt?

    Patients are quick to complain when a medical ointment stings after application. But there may be another reason that they might be dissatisfied with the way an ointment behaves when it is too thick. By Bob McGregor, General Manager, Brookfield Engineering

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  • Fundamentals Of Spray-Dried Dispersion Technology
    Fundamentals Of Spray-Dried Dispersion Technology

    A common problem statement in the pharmaceutical industry is low oral bioavailability of drug candidates with poor aqueous solubility. The literature suggests that a significant majority of new drug candidates are in the Biopharmaceutics Classification System (BCS) class II and IV space, which includes compounds that are dissolution rate, solubility or permeability limited to absorption, or all three. As portfolios across the industry are increasingly focused on these compounds, the need for enabling technologies continues to grow.

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