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  • Patient-Centric Design: The Next Frontier In Drug Delivery
    Patient-Centric Design: The Next Frontier In Drug Delivery

    Patient-centric is one of those terms we suddenly seem to hear mentioned often. Everyone in pharma wants patients to know that it’s their comfort and well-being that are always at the forefront of development efforts for medicine and delivery devices.

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  • Be In Control Of Product Quality – Do Not Just Rely, But Understand
    Be In Control Of Product Quality – Do Not Just Rely, But Understand

    Past experiences have shown that too often product quality is based on sole reliance of vendor certifications, statements and promises. To diminish such reliance new technologies started to be implemented, like process analytical technologies (PAT), process controls, automation etc. often once again overexerted as the solution to all problems. Activities that supposedly result in higher product quality due to better process controls. Maik W. Jornitz, Chief Operating Officer, G-CON Manufacturing LLC

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination: Vapor Vs. Aerosolized Systems

    When facing a microbial contamination challenge, hether from multidrug-resistant organisms in a hospital or in bio-pharmaceutical production facilities, not all hydrogen peroxide-based decontamination systems are the same.

  • Does Rheology Matter To Manufacturing
    Does Rheology Matter To Manufacturing

    You bet it does, whether or not manufacturing realizes it. Rheology is the science that looks at how materials flow. Whether the product is a liquid, cream, paste, or solid, the manufacturing process must transfer raw ingredients through multiple stages to create the finished product. By Robert McGregor, Global Marketing and High End Product Manager, Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

  • Improving Quality Processes For Medical Device Development And Manufacturing

    Organizations that consistently develop and launch new products efficiently in an environment of increasing regulatory scrutiny, successfully manage regulatory risk. By Mike Kuehne, ACSYS, Inc.

  • Achieving Automation Of Hygienic Production Processes
    Achieving Automation Of Hygienic Production Processes

    In the food and beverage industry, and also in the production of medicines and cosmetics, excellent hygiene in processes and around the plant plays a key role. This is ensured by stringent legislative regulations. Standards such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) for food processing and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for FDA-compliant processes in the pharmaceutical industry define extremely stringent requirements for cleanliness, safety and product quality. By Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Kundel, Product Manager Process and control valves, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

  • Biological Contamination Management In Aseptic Environments: Requirements And Expectations

    Bio-contamination found in critical zones within processing environments can affect the whole process and sterility of the final products, potentially putting patients at risk. This can lead to significant financial costs and impact operational resources. By James Drinkwater

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Pharmaceutical Flexible Modular Facilities

Our standard POD product portfolio might not meet your specific requirements.

Flexible and Modular Pharmaceutical Pods

The flexibility and modularity of self-contained pharmaceutical PODs creates a variety of choices on how to utilize the PODs to its best purposes

Pharmaceutical Compliance Support

A full engineering turn-over package (ETOP) is supplied with every POD.

Pharmaceutical Facility Designs And Pod Systems

POD based facilities can be designed, built and validated faster than conventional solutions at significantly lower cost (according to a case study ~58% of traditional site).

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom & Containment PODs

PODs are self-contained, autonomous cleanroom or containment systems for pharmaceutical product processes. PODs are flexible, rapidly deployed, scalable, mobile due to integrated air bearings and repurposable.

Self-Contained Pharmaceutical Flexible Facility

PODs can undergo VHP decontamination, allowing for quick turnover between campaigns andquick decontamination in the event of a containment issue

Pharmaceutical POD Facilities

PODs can be utilized in a multitude of applications; from monoclonal antibody, vaccine or recombinant protein development, or production processes to personalized medicine or cell therapy steps.

Complete Pharmaceutical Automation Systems

Complete Pharmaceutical Automation Systems

All-in-one solutions without interfaces are made possible through the integral cross-process approach used by our highly qualified employees. Such solutions can offered for all industries.

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