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03.28.24 -- 2024 LIMS Trends


2024 LIMS Trends

The laboratory information management system (LIMS) landscape in 2024 is a dynamic one, driven by accelerating advancements in technology and evolving industry needs. Explore the four key LIMS trends expected this year.


Is My Molecule Suitable For An Orally Disintegrating Tablet?

Innovations in drug delivery formats are enabling more patient-centric treatments and helping to boost patient compliance. Learn about the advances being developed to expand the potential of ODTs.

Evaluation And Identification Of Subvisible Particulate Matter In Injections

Review the scopes of USP chapters <787> and <788>. Both chapters address injections and have the same regulatory requirements according to their nominal volumes for subvisible PM.

Enhancing The Solubility Of High Lipophilicity Drugs Via Spray Drying

A new R&D project shows the solubility and dissolution characteristics of Itraconazole can be improved by helping them maintain an amorphous state after spray drying with selected hydrophilic polymers.

Controlling Trace Impurities In Chemically Defined Media

Discover a novel approach for manufacturing chemically defined media with precision control of trace impurities that utilizes innovative raw material analysis, data analytics, and a proprietary algorithm.

Validated HPLC-UV Method For Quantification Of Paxalisib

Examine research into the development and validation of a HPLC method for the quantitation of paxalisib in mouse plasma and its potential use for routine therapeutic drug monitoring.

How To Select The Ideal HPAPI Manufacturing Partner

To ensure the safety of personnel throughout the production of highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs), manufacturers must effectively utilize containment and well-designed equipment.

Streamlining Change Control For CDMOs

Here, we outline a holistic approach for CDMOs to streamline the change control process, aiming to enhance quality, compliance, and time-to-market.

The Power Of AI And Route Scouting To Navigate API Complexity

Using AI tools for retrosynthesis can help you investigate molecules interactively to build a complex API manufacturing process that maintains your timeline and saves you money.

Scaling Up: Increasing Production Capacity While Reducing Costs

Medical device companies must meet the demand plan for their devices while managing production costs. Gain valuable insights into scaling up production capabilities efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Impact Of Early Process Design On Your Supply Chain

Explore tips to optimize your network supply chain by using a minimal number of unique manifolds to address diverse unit operations requirements.

Things To Consider In Early Development For Late-Stage NCE Success

Leveraging robust quality systems can improve efficiency throughout the product development life cycle and help companies avoid unnecessary knowledge and tech transfer, saving both time and cost.

Engineering Drug Release In EVA-Based Implants

Learn about a platform for creating injectable and implantable long-acting drug delivery products, including its technical basics and how it can be used to deliver small molecules, peptides, and biologics.

Powerful Batch Visualization Solution

Examine the offerings of a powerful batch solution that dramatically increases operator productivity and enables distributed batch control for a smarter approach to unit operations.


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