White Paper

A Breakthrough In Crystallization Technology Enables Continuous Manufacturing Of Non-Soluble Drug Suspensions

Source: Quadro Engineering Corp.

By Mimi Panagiotou, Quadro Engineering Corp.

Drug suspensions are of great interest because of their high bioavailability (the rate at which the active drug enters the systemic circulation) which significantly reduces the amount of drug that needs to be delivered into a patient as compared to drug emulsions. However, the particle size of the solid API plays a crucial role in 1) the stability of the suspension and 2) the safe delivery of the drug into the circulatory system.

This paper describes a novel manufacturing technology, the PureNano™ Continuous Crystallizer, which enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to overcome both issues. PureNano combines a unique high shear processor with expert process consulting to achieve breakthrough formulation results on the nano-scale. A pharmaceutical case study featuring successful processing of an oncology drug is profiled.