About Ribbon Blenders

Pharmaceutical manufacturers use ribbon blenders to efficiently blend and mix granules dry powders, pellets and many other solid forms.  Some typical uses of the ribbon blender in pharmacological manufacturing include the mixing of polymer blends, composite fillers and pharmaceutical powders.

Ribbon blenders are very versatile devices. They can also function as paste mixers, vacuum dryers, granulators, and even as coaters where solid particles are evenly coated with a minor liquid component or a very fine powder.

High quality ribbon blenders have tightly controlled clearances between through surfaces and agitator tips. Good blender construction and fabrication contribute to fast, efficient and thorough mixing of powders. Ribbon blenders normally achieve complete mixing within 15 minutes or less-especially for ingredients that have similar particle sizes and bulk densities.

Many ribbon blenders are capable of mixing powders with liquids aswell as powders with powders.  Materials are mixed to the highest levels of accuracy, even when some of the materials are only present in very small quantities.  Ribbon blenders are suitable to prepare homogenous blends with minor components.

Horizontal ribbon blenders are generally used in manufacturing facilities where overhead space is limited. Horizontal ribbon blenders offer easy charging, gentle blending and thorough discharge.