Brochure | January 8, 2014

Terminal Sterilization, Liquids

Source: Fedegari Group

Sterilization of aqueous solutions in sealed containers (such as LVPs of different formats, vials, PFS, blister packs, etc.) share a well-known common problem: during the process they develop a pressure inside the primary container higher than the pressure of saturated steam at the same temperature. More critical than the phenomenon itself are the consequences on the product and/or the container itself.

Some of the most important features of these sterilizers are related to the control of critical process parameters designed to assure the highest flexibility in process control to prevent any undesired deformation/damage of the containers, while providing the desired thermal treatment to the product. Both types of sterilizers share the same design technology of all Fedegari machines and are capable of the highest performances and undisputed reliability.