Case Study

An Efficient Product Re-Formulation Using The Unscrambler®

Source: CAMO Software, Inc.

Re-formulate the existing product (Shampoo) and optimize its properties after a major ingredient has been substituted.

Data Description:

  • A cosmetics manufacturer wants to substitute a detergent in the formula of its most popular shampoo, in order to make it milder.
  • It is of utmost importance to achieve the same cosmetic properties as the currently marketed product, so that the consumer should not be disappointed.

Experimental Strategy:

  • We will start with a screening design, to understand which ingredients and their combinations are responsible for the largest variations in the product properties.
  • If necessary, an optimization design will then let us model the response surface as a function of the most important ingredients.

After substituting a milder detergent for the old one, the product development team has tried to adjust the other ingredients so as to achieve the same cosmetic properties as today's product's.

This data table contains the cosmetic profile of their best trial, as well as of today's shampoo: 12 sensory properties, measured on a scale from 0 to 5 by trained judge.