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An Inside Look At September's Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2017 Show Floor

PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies is proud to launch the next generation of the annual pharmaceutical event that co-located with PACK EXPO in 2014-2016, Healthcare Packaging EXPO Healthcare Packaging EXPO (Las Vegas Convention Center; Sept. 25-27), co-located with PACK EXPO Las Vegas this fall. Healthcare Packaging EXPO is expected to be the most comprehensive pharmaceutical show, including a showcase of the latest and widest range of equipment solutions and innovations for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers.

Attendees of the show can expect to see a wide range of solutions:

  • Continuous processing
  • Single-use processing
  • Cold chain logistics
  • Dose processing
  • Sterilization
  • Qualification and validation

Healthcare Packaging EXPO will house solutions and insights that tackle issues including track-and-trace technologies, quality control, anti-counterfeiting, filling and tablet handling. In addition to the technology on display on the show floor, Healthcare Packaging EXPO will also offer educational and networking opportunities as well as industry specific events.

Healthcare Packaging EXPO’s co-location with PACK EXPO Las Vegas means attendees have access to both shows and can experience the benefit of exploring and gaining inspiration from other industries – over 40 market verticals to be exact.

Check out the must-see features at this year’s show:

  • The Innovation Stage: Healthcare Packaging EXPO will give attendees free access to educational programming at the Innovation Stage. Industry specific solutions and best practices will be addressed during the 30-minute seminars presenting throughout the show. Multiple venues at both Healthcare Packaging EXPO and PACK EXPO Las Vegas will feature Innovation Stage seminars.
  • The Reusable Packaging Pavilion: As sustainable packaging and processing options continue to be in high-demand, the Reusable Packaging Pavilion, sponsored by the Reusable Packaging Association (RPA), is a hotspot to help you reduce waste, cut costs and gain chain efficiency. Attendees can also participate in seminars at The Reusable Packaging Learning Center. If you’re considering how reusable packaging can help your bottom line, start here.
  • PACK gives Back: Sponsored by Rockwell Automation, PACK gives Back event will host Grammy-award-winning band The Doobie Brothers, who will take the stage at the event. The proceeds for the annual benefit will go towards PACK EXPO Scholarships, which provides grants to U.S. and Canadian colleges with packaging and processing programs.

Take a look at some of the other innovations you can expect to see at the show floor:

Tabletop bottle labeler offers cost and space savings

Neostarpack Co., Ltd. (Booth #S-6905) will introduce its NLR-1000 tabletop round bottle labeler. Designed to maximize work space, the NLR-1000 is an upgrade from the NLR-110 tabletop labeler. The machine delivers labeling speeds close to ordinary heavy duty labeling machines in a space-efficient package, while costing half as much.   

Applications: Beverage, Pharmaceutical

Converting system combines high speed precision with minimal material waste

Delta ModTech (Booth #C-3336) will display its latest release of the Delta ModTech’s MOD-TRACK™ automated visual inspection system which focuses on simplifying setup. To address concerns of downtime, the new control system offers new capabilities which speed job setup and changeover, reduce operator training requirements, increase accuracy, maintain count of pieces produced and deliver higher productivity with less waste.

Applications: Medical, Packaging, Pharma, Cosmetic

DSCSA-compliant pharmaceutical and traceability solutions

Pineberry Manufacturing (Booth #C-3704) presents its innovative packaging and pharmaceutical serialization systems, the CartonTrac Flat Carton and CartonTrac Erect Carton. In compliance with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), this compact system has the capability to print and verify serialized codes on flat and erect cartons and supports traceability throughout the supply chain.

Applications: Food, Beverage, Packaging, Cosmetic, Pharma

“What’s New” Technology Roundups (Batch 2)

PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2017

Automated hand and footwear washing saves time, cost

Meritech (Booth #N-411, #S-7555) will exhibit CleanTech®, a fully automated handwashing system with an integrated footwear sanitizing pan for pathogen control. CleanTech cleans hands and sanitizes shoes, boots or any footwear in 12 seconds, helping to control contamination risks, improving employee hygiene and saving time and money by allowing employees to return to work faster. Fresh sanitizing chemicals flush through the system with every hand wash cycle, ensuring that pans are constantly maintained at FDA recommended sanitizer levels between 800-1,000 PPM. Meritech products also use 75 percent less water, require less soap and reduce discharge waste when compared to equivalent manual handwashing.

Applications: Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics

Invisible barcode offers visual appeal and efficiency

Inland (Booth #S-6535) will showcase a new label with a unique interactive digital watermark called the Digimarc Barcode. Invisible to consumers, the unique barcode is repeated multiple times over the entire label so that it can interact with POS scanners and mobile devices. The barcode delivers data including the same Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) currently carried in traditional produce barcode symbols (UPCs). The Digimarc Barcode frees up space on product packaging for branding and information and increases efficiency in the checkout line.

Applications: Food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical

Robotic fillers offer increased flexibility

TECMA PACK (Booth #S-5809) will exhibit its new autonomous robotic cell for loading all types of formers at a rate of 84 trays per minute. The layout of the cells is custom-made and can be configured to feed two separate machines simultaneously. Visual recognition allows for flexibility in pallet formatting and a high tolerance in the positioning of the piles on the pallet.

Applications: Food, dairy, pharmaceutical

Reduce contamination with custom-designed metric standard parts

J.W. Winco Inc. (Booth #S-6060) will showcase its new series of standard with hygienic design, meeting European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group requirements. The parts include leveling mounts, joints, handwheels, cranks and joints. They are designed with materials, surfaces and structural elements that eliminate hygiene-related hazards, and there are no interior areas in which substances can accumulate. This hygienically safe sealing concept, verified by software simulation, guarantees that the FDA-compliant elastomer seals are all installed flush with the surface and fulfill their long-term functions.

Applications: Food, pharmaceutical

Air-powered pallet offers greater load capacity

AeroGo, Inc. (Booth #S-6498) will introduce its Stainless Steel Aero-Pallet, a high-capacity stainless steel pallet with a load capacity of 31,000 pounds. Designed for pharmaceutical, medical and biotech manufacturing, the pallet is ergonomic, emission-free and features a low profile. The pallet allows a single operator to move and precisely position a wide variety of medical-grade containers and components.

Applications: Pharmaceutical/medical device

Sleeving machine presents savings and recyclability

Sleever International (Booth #S-5922) will launch Sleever® Combisteam LDPET, a sleeve label applicator that offers significant space and energy savings along with ecological credentials. The machine works at a processing speed of 600-1,200 units per minute and saves 40 percent in floor space and 50-60 percent in energy consumption compared to traditional sleeving machines. As an added advantage, recycling centers can quickly separate the special sleeves from PET bottles, which can then be 100 percent recycled.

Applications: Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical

Plastic pallet offers safety, recyclability and savings

Offering a completely recyclable alternative to traditional wood pallets, iGPS Logistics (Booth #S-8238) will display its iGPS plastic pallet, which is RFID-trackable, non-absorbent, durable and lighter than wood. The plastic pallet brings substantial operational savings and efficiencies for both manufacturers and retailers. This multi-use pallet has received the National Sanitation Foundation’s Food Equipment Certification.

Applications: Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Meat and Poultry

Easy-use sensor provides multi-functionality and accuracy

MoistTech Corp. (Booth #S-7804) presents the IR3000 Series Sensor, which measures moisture, oil and fat content, as well as the thickness and weight of coatings, hot melts, glues, adhesives, printing and more. The sensor’s near infrared (NIR) technology brings high accuracy levels and offers the ability to measure multiple constituents instantly with one unit. It reduces downtime and start-up time, eliminates waste and energy costs, and monitors moisture and other constituent levels at every stage of the process.

Applications: Food, beverage, dairy, paper/printing, pharmaceutical, textiles

Registration, which includes access to both PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO, is $30 until Sept. 1 then the price increases to $100. For more information and to register online, visit or

SOURCE: PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies