Analytical And Testing Services


As part of Stevanato Group’s commitment to R&D, our analytical testing facilities focus on investigating physico-chemical properties of primary packaging materials and components and studying the interactions between container closure system and drugs. Stevanato Group relies on a multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled professionals, including, scientists, engineers, pharmaceutical chemists and biotechnologists. Their knowledge and experience covers a range of specialized areas including container closure systems and drug-delivery devices.

SG Lab

Our Italy based laboratory, SG Lab Analytics, works in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2018 and is accredited by Accredia (Italian accreditation body) for two tests performed on glass containers and tubing-glass barrels for injectable preparation and sterilized sub-assembled syringes ready for filling.

Thanks to the company’s in-house development and manufacture of glass processing technologies, Stevanato Group has amassed a comprehensive amount of information about glass containers. This know-how has been further strengthened by the network of collaborators and partnerships established with prestigious universities, research institutes, and scientific organizations that has led to the opening of a second laboratory based in Boston, USA.

SG US Technology Excellence Center

Inaugurated in Boston, Massachusetts, in September 2020, the US Technology Excellence Center (US TEC) provides biopharma companies with integrated analytical services and effective project management to support their drug development activities, from early phase to commercialization and lifecycle management. We will also help customers navigate regulatory body requirements and overcome container-closure systems hurdles.

Thanks to Stevanato Group’s unrivaled glass matter expertise, the US TEC will cover one of the most binding and critical decisions: Choosing the glass container. From early-stage formulations to device integration, our expertise can provide a two-fold level of compatibility:

  • Drug - Container Closure System
  • Container Closure System - medical device

By placing the glass container at the heart of each project, the Technology Excellence Center can anticipate challenges and present viable, well-informed solutions to its customers.

Our Analytical Services

  • Chemical Analysis
    • The most advanced and comprehensive chemical characterization of glass primary packaging and components
  • Surface Characterization
    • Characterizing the surfaces physico-chemical properties to assess the container performance in contact with drugs
  • Container performance
    • Ensures drug quality, device reliability, safety and performance, as well as the safe being of the end user
  • Container interaction
    • Connecting packaging system to ensure pharmaceuticals’ integrity, safety, and efficacy
  • Tailored Services
    • At your side to support you all along the drug development journey with customized analytical protocols
  • Testing on Drug Delivery Systems
    • Providing a wide array of drug delivery systems tests to ensure device compatibility, functionality, and ease of use