Application Note

Tech Brief: Apply High Speed Powder Induction To Eliminate Dusting In The Mixing Area

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company

Lightweight powders present heavyweight challenges
When poured from one open vessel into another, lightweight solids easily become airborne and can require extensive clean up. The most serious concern however is the impact of dusting on plant safety. OSHA guidelines establish threshold levels for dust and complying with these regulations is vital to minimize health and explosion hazards in the workplace.

Dusting is best managed through prevention
While dust collection systems can be employed in the mixing area to capture airborne particles, preventing their release is a better strategy. The key is to eliminate the dust-generating steps of transferring powders from their original container and dumping them into the liquid surface of a mix vessel.

High speed powder induction prevents release of lightweight powders
A mixing system equipped for powder induction effectively prevents lightweight powders from becoming airborne. The Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) available on Ross High Shear Mixers offers this functionality. The SLIM technology utilizes a ported rotor and stator specially designed to generate a powerful vacuum that draws powders into the mix chamber.