Brochure | February 8, 2019

ArmorFlex® 110 Film – Flexible Containment Solution

Source: ILC Dover

At ILC Dover we are going “beyond boundaries” by listening carefully to our customers. In response to customer input and emerging regulations we’ve developed a robust new film to support our DoverPac® Containment Solutions line. This revolutionary product, ArmorFlex® 110, delivers permanent static dissipative properties while meeting FDA and 2002/72/EC requirements for food contact.

  • Complies with FDA 21 CFR
  • Meets EU Regulation 10/2011 requirements
  • Passes USP <661> Physicochemical Tests for Plastics
  • Passes requirements set forth in the ArmorFlex®110 test monograph
  • Passes USP <88> Class VI (7 day implant)
  • Passes <87> biological reactivity, in vitro
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Permanent antistat replaces migrating additives
  • Passes Chilworth incendivity tests
  • Tested for solvent resistance
  • DMF filed with FDA