Asahi Oligosynthesizer™


Proven design for mid-scale and large-scale solid phase oligosynthesis.

Asahi Kasei Bioprocess offers a suite of proven solid-phase flow-through oligosynthesizer options in the millimole (mmol) to mole (mol) range. Our patented synthesis technology produce multiple DNA, RNA and duplex compounds at various scales, including validation batches.

Patented Valve Design

Expect improved full-length purity and reduced wash volumes with our patented zero-static (ZS) inlet valve manifolds. Multiple ZS inlet valve manifolds congregate the monomer and reagent to the pumps. Developed through computational fluid dynamics modeling, ZS inlet valve manifolds are multiport valves with low hold up volume to minimize carryover of amidite and reagents.

Scalable Oligosynthesis

Our oligosynthsizers are built for you and ensure seamless scale-up from other small-scale synthesizers with consistent full-length purity of your oligonucleotide.