Aseptiquik® W Series Connectors With 1½ Inch Flow Path

Source: CPC

Achieve efficient filling and filtration for high-volume fluid transfers with the AseptiQuik® W series connector.

As the industry’s largest aseptic connector, the AseptiQuik® W series connector offers a 1½ inch flow path that can easily transfer hundreds of liters per minute to significantly reduce fluid transfer time across the bioprocesses. The 1", 1 ¼”, and 1 ½” genderless design simplifies system integration and minimizes the risk of operator error. The connectors’ robust construction provides reliable performance without the need for clamps or fixtures. Biopharmaceutical manufacturers benefit from interchangeable 1", 1 ¼”, and 1 ½” flow solutions for full-scale bioprocessing production environments with the quality and market availability they expect from the leader in the single-use connection technology.